Wednesday, April 30, 2008

For Starters...

Here is my first post and I don't really have anything to say as yet, except that I hope everyone who reads anything I write gets something positive from it. I know that not everyone will agree with some of my opinions, but hey, that's life and I'll thank them not to send nasty or inappropriate comments. In the future I will probably address some very hot topics, so there it is: You've Been Warned!
We just got our computer back up and running after a very nasty virus wiped it out, so it will take some time before I add any pics, etc. I have to weed through all of the CDs that have hundreds of pictures in "temporary folders", uploaded from my digital camera over the last year, and actually edit, resize, sort and save said pictures onto new discs, but in a comprehensive and organized fashion. That's going to be quite an undertaking, but hopefully when I'm through it will make other things like making prints for scrapbooks a lot easier and stress free.