Saturday, October 27, 2012


Again, there is a lot going on here to where I sometimes can't catch the game.  I was sewing Halloween costumes for the Cute Gremlins and mostly there were personal things that I can't talk about yet that were crowding out everything else "normal".  Anyway, this image from my Facebook news-feed roughly sums up the big GA/FLA game:

Final Score: 17-9.  I love you, My Bulldogs! :)

Auburn Update:  Stomped by Texas A&M.  63-21.  Owie!  Not a good season for the Tigers at all. :(

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

PSA For My Pre-school Mom Friends

Yesterday at the library, I let Cute Gremlin the Younger pick out a DVD as a reward for being a big helper.  It looked innocuous enough.  I mean, who doesn't love Hello Kitty, right?  Well, I did.  Until now.

Be advised.  This:

Will drive you batty.

The animation is cute enough, but the audio of Kitty and Mimi's high voices and giggles in stereo is worse than



And This

Maybe I can convince her to trade it out for a Barbie movie.  Please, please, please let her want the Barbie movie... O_o

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I had a very busy Saturday that included getting everything prepped for making a ton of apple-flavored- whatever from the bushel of apples I brought back from our trip to N. GA last weekend, sewing more stock for the Nov. 3rd arts show that's approaching way too quickly, and finally caving in, even though it was getting late, and actually making the first apple thing on my list- WASSAIL. (Mmmmm!)

So I didn't catch most of the game and relied mostly on friends' Facebook updates and an SEC mobile app to keep me posted on the score.  GA was down 7-14 at the start of the 2nd quarter (NO!), got their act together and got the lead by halftime (YES!) and held on through the rest of the game to win it 29-24 Final. (YAY!!!)

Next week it's WLOCP (World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party)- The big game against the Fla Gators.  While a lot of people I know hold this to be the biggest "rivalry game" with all manner of trash talk and hoopla, I'm rather indifferent.  As I've already explained, my energies and fandom are super concentrated during the face off against Tennessee (Done and won this year- I LOVE YOU, My Bulldogs!) and Auburn (still to come in 3 weeks time).  So the GA/FL game... of course I want my Bulldogs to win, but I'm not going to be hanging on the edge of my seat about it.

Auburn Note: Another loss.  Vandy beat the Tigers 17-13.  Well, dang.  This is just not a good year to be hollering "War Eagle". :(  Kind of makes me feel bad about rooting for GA on Nov 10.  (But only just.  :P )

52 Weeks of Mail: Week 2

Only one in the mailbox this week, but it was just lovely:

From my wonderful friend Cayla in TX, reminding me that in the middle of all of my current personal chaos, the Lord is my rock and my refuge and He's got all this covered.

I sent a reply out to Lucie-Jane B. in the UK, thanking her profusely for the amazing Jane Austen goodies she sent me last week.  I can't show what was in the package yet, because I don't want to spoil the surprise, but remind me and I will when I know she's gotten it.  It's a tiny thing, but unabashedly American. I think she'll get a kick out of it.  :)


Friday, October 19, 2012

Grilled Cheese

Yesterday my friend Carrie posed a question on her Facebook wall:
"What is the best cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich?"
Almost instantly, there were well over 20 comments ranging from the classic (including my own suggestion of deli sliced ham and swiss) to the fancy ("marble rye and Gruyere") to the extremely creative that substituted cheese altogether ("melted banana, peanut butter, honey-cured bacon and cinnamon with fresh fruit"!).  There was even a nice representation of the range from healthy ("hummus, bean sprouts, white sharp cheddar and tomato on wheat") to utterly artery clogging ("Velveeta...that block of uber-processed goodness").

One of her commenters mid-way through the thread made the good point that "ALL THE CHEESE" is the best cheese to grill (agreed!!!), which of course prompted me to borrow an Allie Brosh drawing (copyright hers) from a meme creator page and tweak the text to create this:

Pretty sure I know what we're having for lunch now...  :)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Pink Scarf Project

My beautiful friend Vicki, of the blog "2 Bags Full", has created an AMAZING year-long event/project to raise awareness and support for breast cancer patients.  She is asking for donations of pink scarves from anyone and everyone in the blogosphere who will be kind enough to oblige.  She is generously giving away a GORGEOUS, one-of-a-kind wrap that she knitted especially for this project.  If you have ever seen her knitted nests, you know that she can't make anything that isn't just perfection itself.  (If you haven't been so fortunate as to have seen the nests, go here to see my personal favorite.)

I've always said I know only enough about knitting to be able to make a scarf.  Well, perfect!  I'll be sending her at least one of those.  I also know (marginally better, if I'm honest) how to crochet a bit, and I will be creating a scarf (or 10) by that method.  I'm not going to sugar coat it- I want to win that wrap! (Credit for construction will actually go to Lucy Jane, though.)

But much more than that, I want to help Vicki in this worthy cause.  Many of you don't know that someone in my family has had a brush with this awful disease- fortunately it was caught and removed quickly and without much fuss and bother.  But sadly, many, many women are not that fortunate.

So here's an extra incentive to Vicki's wonderful project:  Anytime you send her a scarf and post a comment on her Pink Scarf Project Page that you have done so, come here (there will be a button on my sidebar shortly) and post a comment telling me that you have done so, and you will have an entry to win this Lucy Jane Pennybright "Hope" elephant, complete with her very own pink scarf!  (The mailing address to send the scarves and all of the wonderful details are on her blog at the above link.)

The drawing will be held NEXT October 1st when Vicki's project ends, AND I will also accept comments on this Lucy Jane post about the project.  (But only one entry for the ellie per scarf made and sent!!  I'm just allowing you to choose which blog you leave your entry on!)

So what are you waiting for??  Go to Vicki's blog, find out all the details, and start knitting (or crocheting, sewing, or whatever it is you do) a pink scarf to send her way!!  Best of luck winning the wrap and/or "Hope"!

PS- Here is Lucy's first scarf to send.  What do you think? :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hugh Are Just Adorable...

We haven't had many puns around here, and I'm officially allowed 2 per day, so I thought I'd spring for one in the title.  You're welcome.  :)

Two of these Hughes were born in England; the other hails from Australia.
All three have speech accents that make my knees go all wobbly.
Hugh Laurie
Hugh Grant 

Hugh Jackman

Two of these Hughes have played Jane Austen characters (in the same film, "Sense and Sensibility"); the other currently has a famous Victor Hugo character, Jean Valjean, being added to his repertoire of "film roles involving/inspired by/related to classic literature".  (PS- if Jackman ever wants to join the "Been a Jane Austen gentleman" club with the other two, I nominate him for either Mr. Darcy, Mr. Knightly, or Captain Wentworth!!!)
All three look amazing in 19th Century period costume.

Two of these Hughes are old enough to be my father (Grant and Laurie); the other (Jackman) not quite, but still a good deal older than I am (by 13 years).
All three sing and play piano. (Two play by choice and the other because he had to for a film role.)


Two of these Hughes (Jackman and Grant) were born in the fall; the other was born in the summer, the date before my own birthdate. (Hugh Laurie's birthday is June 11th.  Mine is the 12th.)
All three have amassed quite a collection of BAFTA, SAG, Golden Globe, and Emmy nominations and awards among them.  (Total nominations for above awards by the three Hughes = 28... Total wins for above awards by the three Hughes = 7)  (And they have all three won many other kinds of awards as well, I just didn't list them all here.  Go look it up on IMdB and do the math if you want to know a grand total.)

There's your pop culture eye candy for the day.  :)  Which Hugh do you like best?
Hugh are handsome.  Hugh are talented.  I will see Hugh at the movies soon. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

52 Weeks of Mail: Week 1

The first week of the new 52 weeks project was a great success!

A package to a friend from high school (but forgot to take a photo!  It was in a pretty pink bubble envie.)  Plus this letter:

A letter from a friend in Arkansas, which I did not get the chance to photo, but cannot wait to reply to!  Also, this amazing package from my pen-friend who lives on the Isle of Wight, another Lucie-Jane (I know, right!!!) who knows how desperately I wanted to be at the Jane Austen festival in Bath, England and (once again) could not attend (more's the pity).  (No, really, y'all.  It's just stupid sad and pitiful how much my heart pines for the UK and all things Regency.)

A lovely, long letter, the cover page of which is on Jane Austen stationery; her program from the Jane Austen festival; and a tote bag from the Jane Austen Centre which reads "Keep Calm and Read Jane Austen".  Best. Trip. To. Mailbox. EVER!!! :D :D :D

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

And Who Doesn't Love Fairies?!

I'm sick with the stomach flu today.  Since about 4 a.m. my insides have been having a terrible row with the rest of my body.  Ugh.  It's cooled off outside quite a lot and really feels like fall.  Overcast and rather windy this morning, so I've made tea and am getting caught up on all my letters and Bible study homework and then tonight after Cute Gremlins are asleep, and also tomorrow afternoon, I will be in the studio with my headphones on, sewing up a storm.

One of the soundtracks that runs through my iTunes at random is Peter Pan, the live action version from  2003 starring Jeremy Sumter (Peter) and Jason Isaacs (Hook).  This is my favorite scene from the film (and, consequently, my favorite track, composed by James Newton Howard).

What little girl in their childhood didn't want to be Wendy in Neverland, flying under a glowing moon and surrounded by fairies?  I know I always did! :)  This version of J.M. Barrie's classic story also has my favorite take on Tinkerbell.  Super expressive and beautiful.  Even if a little jaded by her jealousy.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

52 Weeks of Mail: The Rest of Year 1

Well, I managed to mail off one thing a week for most weeks of the 52 Weeks of Mail Project this past year, with a couple of exceptions.  I didn't quite make the goal.  Still, it was a fantastic thing to be a part of and I have made oodles of new friends all around the world!  I have joined in for Round 2 and will be posting photos of incoming and outgoing mail goodies on Saturdays each week.

This is the only "personal" thing I'm able to blog about at the moment. Which is so unfair!  :(  Eventually, I'll catch you all up to speed on goings on, but for right now, I can't.  So this will have to fill in.  I hope you are inspired and uplifted by the photos, and if you want to join in on the fun, be sure to follow the link above to the 52 Weeks Facebook page.

Here are the photos that I took of things I sent between the end of June and the 1st of October.  I sent more than this, and received some beautiful mail too, but I didn't get photos of it. (I'll try harder to document this time around.)

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Oh, My Bulldogs.  What happened, my loves?  Both the Dawgs and the Gamecocks were undefeated coming into the SC stadium tonight, and SC was just brutal in defending that winning streak on their own turf.  They ran all over the Bulldogs, scoring 3 times in the first quarter alone.  It was painful to listen to on the radio!  Finally, GA did at least get on the scoreboard with a touchdown and extra point kick in the 4th quarter, but by then it was too little too late.  SC scored in both the 3rd and 4th quarters, so UGA came home with the winning streak interrupted.  7-35 SC Final.

UGA doesn't play next week, so maybe they can get in some good training and get their groove back by the time the game against University of Kentucky comes around.  Here's hoping. :)

Auburn Note: Poor Tigers just did not come to play this year.  Lost against Arkansas, 24-7.  Ouch.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Yoiks and Away!!!

This was one of our absolute favorites.  Dad and I watched this together so many times when I was a kid.  These were meant to be shared, so pass it along to someone you know who could use a laugh today. :)