Friday, June 22, 2012

52 Weeks of Mail: Week...I don't even know what week it is now!

Apparently I didn't realize just how bad my fall off the letter writing wagon had been.  [I think I broke something in the process. :/]  Anyway, I have no idea what week this is.  I could find out where I last logged it on my calendar and count up from there, but I'll do that later.

Right now, I wanted to show some stuff that has gone out.  Just to... you know... prove that I've sent something through the mail recently.  :P  There are only 2 photos because as I've mentioned before, things have been a little chaotic stressful interesting around here and I haven't bothered had time to take pictures when I dropped by the post office in with my other eleventy billion errands.
Letters to Olivia C., Su in Ireland, and Becky P.
Packages to Taylor P. in North GA, and Marilyn M. in FL.
This is what was in Marilyn's.  A New Baby gift custom made by Lucy Jane.
Circle-ish themed envie to pen pal Cathy T. in Ohio
Cylindrical package to Emily B. in Michigan
To motivate me to send more out before this week is over, I'm holding my new issue of Tea Time magazine hostage from myself.  I don't get to discover the recipe to the "Exquisite Strawberry French Madeleines" on the cover until I've replied to at least 10 back-logged letters or 5 countries.  Or both.

(Not that replying to the letters isn't motivation enough to write, but sometimes you just want tasty noms, n'est-ce pas?)

This weekend we will be moving me downstairs to the second floor from the attic suite (no AC and it's hot up here!!!) and I will have a better, more organized and well lit space in which to create my letters and mail art.


  1. Lots of fun goodies going out to people! May your crazy life slow down a bit :)


    PS - Win prizes at my blog - Easy, peasy entry:

  2. Oh Jenny! I'm so excited to see part of my envelope on the boxes!! I've been on a blog break, so I can get my memoir (finally) finished, but I just happened to stop here tonight. You'll also (finally) be receiving a reply snail-mail letter from me fairly soon! Hugs! :)

  3. What a cool baby gift! That is just so darn cute!