Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Southern Summer Showers

Here lately, we've been visiting the new Dog River Public Library several times a week.

The Cute Gremlins and I are voracious readers and, as you've seen from the last few weeks, huge aficionados of children's book illustrations.  The check out limit is 50 items.  We nearly always go home with about 10-15 in each of our library bags, (I'll be showing you how to make your own library bag in a future post! Stay tuned!) and we return 3-4 days later to swap them out for new titles.

Well, it's the season of pop-up summer thunderstorms here in the hot and humid South.  We had been inside the library for about 15 minutes when the bottom fell out of the sky and there was a deluge that lasted the better part of 40 minutes!  We read and read and read, and browsed the movie titles, and played with the stuffed animals/hand puppets in the story time area, and read some more.  Finally, it quit raining and the sun came out full strength.  As we walked to the car (feeling as though we should grow gills in order to breathe in the 200% humidity!), I captured this video of the drain spouts in front of the building.  The gutter system was designed to be pretty as well as functional, and after a monsoon like that, these "fountains" were so nice to look at and hear!  Enjoy!

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