Monday, August 13, 2012

EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!!

Sometimes my train of thought derails at the speed of light (usually with no survivors).  Every once in a while though, one of of those tangents leads to a phenomenal discovery of which I had been previously ignorant, and the newly unearthed epiphany thereof leaves me squealing with glee and/or babbling incoherently about aforementioned phenomenal discovery to anyone and everyone who is brave enough to stick around and attempt to decipher what I'm saying.  (Such event is happening even as my fingers fly over the keyboard now, so if you've managed to follow the content of what I've just written thus far, CONGRATULATIONS!  You win! :D)

For those of you who are looking around for the evidence of a caffeine overdose, relax.  You won't find anything.  Blame my iTunes for this latest bouncing around the room like a ping pong ball in a hurricane effect.  I had it on shuffle.  It came to "Seize The Day" from the movie Newsies.  I Googled Newsies just to see what came up.  It's not caffeine.  It's the music!  Music does this to me!  Phenomenal discoveries of music I love being turned into better versions of themselves in the form of BROADWAY MUSICALS!!!



***Somebody pass me a paper bag before I hyperventilate! :D :D :D :D :D :D***

Links, Jenny.  Give the readers the links!  Focus!
Here is the official WEBSITE.  Here is where you can get the collector's edition DVD of the 1992 movie, if you have $50 bucks to burn. (I do not.  I will have to pray my VCR and/or VHS copy of it do not die on me.)  Here is a wikipedia article on the real life Newsboys Strike of 1899 that inspired the story.  Here is a photo from this NY Times article that I was going to link anyway (see!  I sourced!!) showing the main group of the Newsies cast.  

D'aww!  Cutie Pies!  :)
Now, the only down side to all of this is that it's running on Broadway.  You know, in NYC.  Which, according to Google maps, is 916 miles (15 hours and 35 minutes) from here, straight up I-85 N and passing through 6 states.  Hmmm.  Current circumstances afford me neither gasoline nor airfare for such an endeavor.  POUT.

So I guess I will have to sit tight until either a) somehow I miraculously get together an all expenses paid trip up to NY to see it on Broadway, or, b) stalk Ticketmaster/The Fox Theatre/Broadway Across America's websites and figure out a way to snag tickets if when it comes to Atlanta.  Sigh.  So much of my life recently seems to be made up of having to wait for things.

Until I find a solution, I'll be listening to the new OCR album.  In between Steam Powered Giraffe songs.  (Because I'm nowhere near finished being addicted to their music.  Probably ever.)  But yeah, pretty sure I can make room for the Newsies soundtrack!!!

Did you think I was going to tag a Music Mondays post and not leave you with a song?? :)
Here is my favorite song and dance number from the '92 movie, "The World Will Know":

And here it is given new life and amazing sound by the Broadway Cast!

And just because I can't stop, here are two more that I adore and will be singing at the top of my lungs for the next few months. :)  GORGEOUS!  Enjoy!

"Seize The Day"

"Once And For All"

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