Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This Just Takes The Cake

What do this Octopus:

this Sea Turtle:

and this Burmese Python:

have in common??

THEY ARE ALL EDIBLE CAKES!!!  Those are some mad decorating skills!
Which one is your favorite?   I love all three, but I'm really loving that Sea Turtle in the middle.

Here's more info on the creators:
Octopus cake: Karen Portaleo of Highland Bakery, right here in Atlanta. Here's the bakery website.  Here's her Flikr stream with more amazing photos.  She modestly asserts that she's entirely self-taught. O_o  Well done, Karen.  Simply breathtaking!
Sea Turtle cake: Louise Hill of Love To Cake, in London, UK.  Here's her website. And here is her Flikr stream.  Look for a Harry Potter Sorting Hat that she did.  Fantastic!
Python cake: Francesca of North Star Cakes, in Kent, UK.  She made this cake for her daughter's birthday and (deservingly so) photos of her incredible creation exploded across the internet.  Here's her website and her Facebook page.

These artists inspire me to take what I love doing to a higher skill level.  I hope they have inspired you, too.  And while it would be nothing remotely close to as beautiful as these are, I'm also rather inspired to go bake a cake today (and eat it too!)


  1. Wow! Those are amazing. But I'm not sure I could eat one - too creepy! I would, however, eat Karen's icicle cake. omg so pretty!

  2. Good grief, they are absolutely amazing. I am with you, I like the sea turtle. How skilled are the people that made them?!

  3. wow-they're incredible! I wasn't expecting the 'cake' answer!!!