Friday, January 4, 2013


Ok, so with all of the mess that was being wrapped up in the late fall/last month, I have fallen a bit behind on the current 52 weeks of mail project, at least in terms of logging and documenting the incoming and outgoing.  There have been more things incoming than outgoing, as I am woefully behind in replies, but you know... kids, work, healing, priorities.  Y'all understand.

Anyway, I have to show you what came in the mail yesterday and Wednesday that just made me jump up and down, dance around the post box with flailing muppet arms, and squeal like a kid getting a pony for Christmas!!!!  (This is WAY BETTER than a pony!!!)


The Spine's included an intriguing line: "A mysterious Canadian friend wanted us to send you some love..."  O_o
Now, I have several friends in Canada... they all read my blog and know how much I adore SPG.  My mind is just racing as to who could have been so kind!  Was it Snail Mail Fan, whom I met through her fantastic blog 100 Days of Snail Mail (she is no longer posting, in favor of doing other cool stuff, but the blog is still up for perusing and has some fantastic posts!)?  Or Cathy, who writes the hilarious Life on the Muskoka River?

Both of them are bright beams of sunshine to me, Snail Mail Fan with her amazing packets of a long letter together with interesting clippings and ephemera (she sent me the most beautiful map from the Nature Conservancy of Canada that I keep meaning to photo and show you!), and Cathy with her blog posts that make be burst out laughing (so loud that I alarm anyone around me at the time!) and her wonderful comments here on TMP.

Maybe it wasn't either of those, though.  Maybe another one of my Canadian readers.  I honestly have no idea!  But whomever was so, so, so, sweet- THANK YOU!  My treasured SPG postcards have a place of honor on a high up display shelf, next to the Brittney Lee print my BFF sent me from Comic-Con. (The link opens to her post showing the print I got, but take a look at the rest of her work!  Just breathtaking!)  They are up where I can see them every day while I create stuff for Lucy Jane, and barring a for-real tornado jumping in my window and carrying the shelf away, nothing can happen to them. :) :) :)

THANK YOU again, Mysterious Canadian Friend.  I love you bunches!  I hope you'll tell me who you are so I can send you thank you hugs and all!
Thank you, thank you, SPG for connecting with your fans and sending me the best and most unexpected love and encouragement to cheer me up!  You are truly THE BEST.  EVER.
I meant it, you know, that bit about dancing at the post box.  I really was!  And I absolutely couldn't care less who saw, (actually probably only the horses in the pasture across the road- I don't remember if any cars passed; I wasn't paying attention!) because it was pure and unbridled happiness like I hadn't felt in a long time!   I can't wait to pay it forward and encourage others/find ways to make someone's day brighter.

*blinks away happy tears*  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  I am so, so, fortunate to be so loved.


  1. What a fabulous friend you have in Canada! Don't you just love surprises like this! Happy, happy Tuesday - Tanya

  2. That person, whoever they are, is a SERIOUSLY COOL PERSON :) Love that someone did this just when you needed it. And you are loved. A lot.
    Laura x

  3. What a marvelous way to start your new year! Everyone should have a mystery friend like that. :)

  4. I received your letter today, and I just want you to know that I >>thoroughly<< enjoyed reading it. I love all my penpals but it's been a while since I've gotten a letter like the one you sent. I don't know how to explain it, but I could feel so many different emotions coming on in the minutes it took to read it and letters like that are few and far between! I hope my reply is half as interesting as your letter was.

    1. I am so glad you liked it! I received your reply yesterday and it is FABULOUS! :) Thank you for the tea! I'm going to snuggle down in a nest of blankets tonight after the CGs are asleep and write you back.