Monday, February 18, 2013

I Have The Most Awesome Best Friend EVER

So apparently we had mail last Saturday that included packages, because when a guest came to the front door (that we don't ever really use ourselves) yesterday, there was a little stack of post sitting on the bench.  Really need to communicate with the delivery person about that.  ANYWAY.  My best friend of 20+ years sent me THIS:

I about fell over, I was laughing so hard!
In case you haven't discovered the wonderfulness that is the Hyperbole and a Half Blog, here is the post from whence this tea bling comes.  (Read it, I'll wait.)
I hope Allie is doing well and recovering from her battle with clinical depression.   The internet misses her dreadfully (as do I).  In the meantime, we at least have the archives of past H&AH to keep us laughing.  She is hilarious!
I'm going to fix a cup of caffeinated, sugared up tea in my new mug to give me a blast of energy and then take the Cute Gremlins to the parp park to play while it's blue skies and sunshine out!  Happy random Monday in the middle of February, everyone! :D


  1. Oh my GOD! That blog post was HILARIOUS! I almost peed myself. And one of the prof's in my dept. thought someone had died, I was crying so hard.

    Thanks....I needed that.

  2. I may have to link to that on my blog. Oh my god. Hilarious!!!!!

  3. Happy to oblige! :D Have you read her other posts? Like "The Alot" and the ones about A.D.D. + attempting to be an adult = productivity apocalypse? (That's where the "CLEAN *ALL* THE THINGS! meme came from.) She's the best thing to happen to the internet since Icanhazcheezburger!

  4. :-D Amazing how inventive/manipulative kids can be!

    (I hope the party lived up to expectations?)

  5. I was reading her blog last night. And I was trying to read the Texas one out loud to Josh. But I was laughing too hard. I'm going to have to sit down and read all her posts.

  6. A friend turned me on to that blog a few weeks ago...this made my entire day! Hope your trip to the Parp was as great as Hyperbole's...Happy Tuesday, Jenny - Tanya