Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fresh Wave of Creativity Part 2: Jeans Remixed-A solid base

For this outgrown-jeans-turned-skirt project, I had to find a starting place. Marilyn had given me this great pair of Miss Sixty jeans that were SO comfortable, and right now if I don't gain any weight and keep on losing a few lbs like I'm doing, they fit. But I haven't been able to wear them because there is a spot in the inner thigh that had worn thin and ripped, so I was going to have to turn them into a fabric art project anyway. I had originally planned to patch them all over with different shades of blue fabric so that they looked patchwork-quilt ish and you couldn't tell where the rip had been. Well, I never got around to it. Now the Miss Sixty jeans are the base for this skirt project.

I cut the legs off just at the crotch seam and above that ripped place so I got what looks like a mini MINI MINI skirt.
Next I salvaged what I could of the pants legs. The knees and backside are pretty well worn, so I was only able to get 2 workable pieces out of each leg, for a total of 4 strips measuring about 22" long and 4 1/2" wide.

If I need it longer, I'll use some other jean scraps; remember, I want this to look like a patchwork recycled piece of wearable art. I took the pant leg fabric from 2 other pairs of worn out jeans, but unlike the first pair, the workable part was wider and the front side was not workable at all, so I only got 2 strips total, at 22" long and 7" wide.
We'll be back to this project after a brief update on those Gossamer Spice cookies from the prior blog titled "The Cookie Baker Prepareth..."

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  1. Your creativity amazes me. This is awesome, Jenny!