Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fresh Wave of Creativity Part 1: They don't fit!!

Most moms have all been there. We are one size when we conceive our children and find, to our complete and utter amazement, that our post-childbirth bodies don't want to deflate right back into those pre-preggie size jeans! (Ok, maybe the "complete and utter amazement" thing is just me, but I bet not.) So what happens to all of those outgrown jeans? Many moms will probably have done what I did: put them away at the top of a closet and bought "temporary" larger sizes to make do until I could buckle down to an excercise routine and bannish the baby-fat, at which point some few months (or two years) later I would retreive those sexy jeans from the closet shelf and find that I am once again a hot mama. Right. Well, it doesn't exactly pan out like that. For one thing, I've found that after having kids (especially when that second one was a hefty 9 lbs!) that no matter how much you eat right and punish your body with excercise routines, some of the changes that happened during pregnancy JUST DON'T GO BACK. Short of having cosmetic surgery, my body will never go back to what it used to be. Now, I'm not complaining about this personally, because that 5'3" and dead even 100 lbs of skin and bones that I used to be before I had Charles wasn't healthy. I ate. I was in no way annorexic and did not have any other eating disorders, but with a lightening fast metabolism it was hard to get up to a healthy weight and stay there. At 22 and 23 years old I was giving stick thin runway models a run for their money. (I think I missed the boat on how to pay for college back then, but that's another blog for another time)
I've finally come to the realization that I am NOT EVER (thankfully) going to fit into those size 3 and 5 jeans. Not even those awesome kakhis that I loved that had the amazing embroidery work on them. But they are so cool. I can't just throw them out! So in a moment of inspiration I started trying to figure out how I could recycle those most-loved but too small pants into something that I could still wear. The following few blogs will be my step by step method of seeing if I can't DIY myself a new skirt out of these old rags. Wish me Luck!!!

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