Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sense and Sensibility: Making Edmund Spencer more popular since 1995

We found them!  Praise the Lord!!!! My Nikon D300 AND my wedding rings were found together, safe and sound!  There are a few odd mysteries still, such as how the camera and rings wound up together in the first place, and also the matter of WHERE they were.  But then again, what does it matter if they are returned to me unharmed?

If you don't remember the circumstances (and out and out panic fit that was ensuing) when my camera went missing, I wrote it all in this post.

A good 3 weeks after I posted that, a family member found the camera in one of the only places that I was not free to search.  For obvious privacy reasons, I can't elaborate any more than that.  The camera was found in a gold holiday gift bag.  Fact:  I may have a somewhat faulty memory, but I know beyond any doubt that I never put my camera in a gift bag. Not THAT bag, not ANY bag. EVER.  That bothers me.  A LOT.  Because that means that someone else's hands were on my camera without my permission. GRRRR.

The wedding rings had been missing for a few months.  I vaguely remember that at one point they were sitting in a little clay pot that Jeremy made in Kindergarten, on Jake's side of the headboard shelf.  Due to lack of sleep and stress and 3 jobs and the holiday rush, I'm not clear on when they left that location or whether it was before or after I had them there that I couldn't find them again.  I can't be sure of where I put them after that.  But I know where I DIDN'T put them.

I did not put them in a jar.   But I distinctly and clearly KNOW that I did not put them in a lidded jar.  It was a pimento jar.  I don't even like pimentos.  Gran has a lot of empty jars in the kitchen area for her canning and whatnot, so it was very likely her pimento jar, but she didn't put my rings in it either.  However they got there, the rings were in the jar, and the jar was in the gift bag with the camera.

I think it can be safely presumed that whomever handled my camera and put it in the gift bag also put my  rings in with it.  We've no idea who it was though.

It bothers me that my most expensive/valuable belongings have been meddled with.  I'm certainly glad and thankful that they were returned to me.  But it nags me that they went missing in the first place.

Still wondering about the post title?  One of my favorite parts of the 1995 version of Sense and Sensibility is near the end when Marianne (Kate Winslet) is recovering from her illness and Colonel Brandon (Alan Rickman) is reading to her.  He is reading "The Faerie Queen" by Edmund Spencer.  I knew the lines from watching S&S so many times over, but I never could remember their source.  I had never read "The Faerie Queen" in Literature class, so it was new to me.  Hundreds of years old, but new and foreign to me.  I did a Google search to find the quote in it's context.  And apparently, I'm not the only fan (with a massive crush on Mr. Rickman as Colonel Brandon) who thought of that scene when something lost came up found.  Here is a reference to it in a post by a blogger who lost an earring and then found it again.  There is a link to the entire section of "The Faerie Queen" by Edmund Spencer, that contains our favorite lines, in her post.

 Now that my Nikon has been returned, I am anxious to get back to shooting photos.  I did a set of my friend Meg in the Regency dress I made for her.  When I get those processed and edited, I'll be sure to post a few, or at the very least a link.

"For whatsoever from one place doth fall,
Is with the tide unto another brought:
For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought."

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