Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mail!!! 52 WOM 15, 16 &17, plus Month of Letters News

This post is shamefully past due, as are my library books that should have been returned on Monday. Hmm.  Anyway...

The truth of the matter is that while letters have been faithfully going out and coming in, I haven't actually had much time to photo them.  So here is the recent stack of outgoing that I photo'ed all ready and together (before some went out and some were delayed and some didn't get photo'ed at all).

From top: Insurance information form (I'm just grateful to have any,
so I won't complain!); clear envie with pink flowers going to Vanessa
in Germany; pretty calendar envie going to Snail Mail Fan in Canada;
glittery and beribboned pretty envie going to Svenja in Germany
(in a bigger envie, as I found out the PO sorters will snag on the ribbon. :(
Rather it get there safely than in ruins!);
SQUIRREL! to Laura in the UK.  Read Laura's blog here.; small but
highly decorated blue envie to Su in Ireland.  Wish you could
see more of it, but I don't show addresses unless the person lists theirs
on their website.  See Su's beautiful blog here.; one of my beloved
peacock cards goes to Olivia who lives just about 30 minutes or so from me.
I found her blog link through the
  Save the US Postal Service by Writing More Letters Facebook page.;
 last but certainly not least, a cheeky little chickadee takes greetings
and news to one of my favorite pen pals and bloggers, Misty, The Pen Thief.
Here is what has come in over the last 3 weeks:

2 wonderful publications: The Victorian Trading Co. catalogue, and the USA
Philatelic catalogue from the USPS! :) Guess what some future posts will be on!
Also in my mailbox was a postcard about postcards from Kendall C. of Happy
Little Mailboxes; a wonderful, thick envie with pretty collage on it from a new
pen pal in MS; a reply letter from one I sent to France in October.  She moves around
a lot for her job, so it takes a while for her to get mail and send a reply.  But it was
worth the wait and I'll be writing her a long reply this week!; a pen pal in the UK
sent the cute puppy in the rain card; I got a lovely reply letter from pen pal Emily
in MI; pen pal Krista in CT sent me some Twinings tea (FAV!) and some tea stickers. :)
Remember my earlier post on the Month of Letters Challenge?
I had 2 calendars of backyard birds that I wanted to turn into envelopes.  I decided to use these specifically for the challenge, because 12+12=24 and there are 24 days in the challenge!  Perfect!
Here are all 24 made:

Here are my two favorites:

A Blue Jay and a Cedar Waxwing. Love those!
It was pouring down rain the first day of the challenge and I had a cold so bad the second day I couldn't move.  So I had to make the first mailing a "one day that week" trip, but the point is to write a letter a day, which I did.  So it still counts. :)  Here are the first 3 days:

Sent to 2 people I found on the challenge
website and the red-headed guy in the middle
goes to Randi of My Happy Mailbox.
And Cute Gremlin #4's chubby little hands, holding Day 4's at the Post Office yesterday:

To none other than Donovan B., the founder of the LWA. :)
That's pretty much everything up to this point.  I'm replying to letters as fast as I can, and I'm having so much fun!  Right now I'm off to clean the house, after which I have plans to take Cute Gremlins to the park to play while I bring along my stationery and keep writing. :)

(PS- I took the library books back yesterday after the Post Office.) :)


  1. Oh my gosh! Those are beautiful, adorable, etc...and you are SO creative!! Love them. Maybe I could receive a letter from you?? *hint*

  2. Of course! :) Any one in particular you like best?

  3. Jenny, ANY one would be wonderful! Thank you! :D

  4. Those bird envelopes are beautiful! I bet 24 people are going to be very happy to see those in their mailboxes.