Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Quick Hello

I didn't disappear!  I'm just working like mad.  Being 2 people is hard work!
I have my costume for the first day of the festival cut out and ready to sew.  Should only take a few hours from start to finish, so that's exciting.  If I get finished with EVERYTHING else, I will make a second dress, but if and only if.  It would be super awesome, but I want to make sure the must have stuff is ready first.  We will see on Friday where everything stands.

While I'm working, I listen to random mixes on my iPod.  Most of the mixes have Steam Powered Giraffe in heavy rotation.  I simply can't get enough of them!  The 2¢ Show album is due out any day now.

If you missed my previous posts about how awesome SPG is, you can find several of them in the April archive during the A-Z Challenge.  I think SPG got 5 or 6 letters to themselves before it was all over.  :)

Over on their website I came across this gem and I just love it.  I'd vote for him.  :D

I hope you all have a good week, and I will try to check in as often as work allows!  There will be loooottsss of photos coming in about 3 weeks! :)

Love to all.


  1. looking forward to the photos

  2. Interesting Band! Will have to look for more of their music to "try." You're almost at 50,000 web views! Congratulations! Know you're busy....when you get a minute, give me a "Reader's Digest Condensed Version of what's up! Praying for a VERY successful festival for you!