Friday, September 21, 2012

My Geek is Showing

This showed up on my Facebook newsfeed from a friend today and I'm all giddy now. :)  Are you a Tolkien fan like I am?  Why or why not?

Raise your hand if you giggled out loud at the last scene! :D

Lucy Jane is still working away at a Lady Hobbit outfit to wear when the film comes out.  People who unabashedly show their love and appreciation for creative works by dressing up in costume- what do you think of them?  Cute?  Weird?  Or weird, but in a cute way (OR, cute, but in a weird way?)?  Would you do it?  ARE you going to do it, come December?  Discuss...

12/13/12 UPDATE:  I posted about this on Lucy's blog, but I don't remember if I mentioned it on TMP, so I'll put it here- I tried to get a hobbity costume together for the premiere of this film, but with everything that's been going on personally (see the Dec post titled "Breaking The Silence"), it just didn't happen.  But all will be well.  The Hobbit has now been made as a trilogy and I think it would be just as fitting and proper to attend the finale film in costume as it would have been to go to this one all done up.  It turns out better, actually, because now I have a bit more time to up the ante on my skills and really get some practice work at corsetry under my belt (HA!) before completing a full out hobbit costume.  So, yay for borrowed time! XD

I'll still be going to see this one Friday night.  Caaaaannnnnn'tttt wwwaaaaaaiiiiiiitt!! :) :) :)


  1. Not dressing up but absolutely going to see the film. Can't wait!

  2. I've always admired people who dress up! And we are all looking forward to The Hobbit!! xoxo