Saturday, September 22, 2012


Whatever Vanderbilt did last week to shut down Presbyterian 58-0 was completely forgotten tonight!  The effort of winning that game after losing to both South Carolina and Northwestern at the start of the season must have worn them out.  My Bulldogs graciously let them get on the scoreboard in the 2nd quarter, but still mopped the field with them in the end: 48-3 Final.  Very happy GA fan over here right now. :)

And so we prepare, thus far undefeated, to face bitter rival team Tennessee next week.  Shame for the Vols to come all the way to Athens just to get a beating and then go back home.  ;)  I hope I get to be somewhere with a TV so I can watch it happen! LOL! BRING IT ON! :)

Auburn note: Held on hard as they could, but lost to LSU, 12-10.

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