Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Oh, Hai!

I know it's been over a week since I posted last, but everything is a little nuts around here!  Lots of GOOD changes :) that I wish I could talk about, but unfortunately can't just yet. :(
I'm meeting personal goals that have been a very long time coming.  LIFE IS GOOD, my dahlings!

I'm making new friends left and right; I'm in better shape physically than I have been in years, thanks to going Swing Dancing every week for over a month now.

I'm extremely blessed by my family.  Gran said she never knows what to get me for my birthday (coming up in June), so she got me new dance shoes!  After 12 years of faithful service, my Bleyers officially bit the dust at last Friday's GA Tech dance...

Poor babies. :(

 ...so the Aris Allens have been ordered and should arrive any day!*  They are very similar to the Bleyers, but the strap is a little wider, which I love!
Soon, my pretties, you will be all mine! :)

I'm wearing canvas sneakers in the interim.  They are ok.  Not great, but I can Lindy in them and not break something, so just for tonight it's not that bad.

*5/22/13 EDIT: They came this afternoon!  The left one is a little snug in the toe, but I figured out (from experience) that the next half size up would be too big and rub blisters, and as the right foot fits perfectly, I conclude that the injury I sustained in college to my left foot (which resulted in two broken digits) is likely responsible for the difference.  I'm going to take them to a shoe shop and have them stretched just a tiny bit.  I'm like a size 5 ¾ instead of either a 5½ or a 6. :P
Should I have to go with the 6s, the company has an amazing return policy, so that won't be a problem to just swap out one for the other.  I think these will fit the bill, though.  I'm more than thrilled with them and Tuesday can't get here fast enough!!! :)

In the next couple of weeks, be sure to check out the Mailbox page, as there will be updates and links for photos.  I'll be showing off a lot of the awesomeness that has been arriving via USPS.
Until later, my dear readers.  Love to you all!


  1. Glad you've found your "HAPPY", Jenny! Looks like you're having a pretty wonderful time - the shoes are KILLER! Happy Thursday - go cut a rug! :-) XOXO

    1. Thanks, Dear! I am SO EXCITED to be dancing again! You have no idea! I'm sending you a letter with more juicy details about all of the good things! Watch your post box! :)

  2. Hello darling girl - ha! we've both re-discovered dance this month- me tango and salsa and you swing!
    So so happy that life is warm and good for you - will be sitting down to my writing desk and turning my attentions your way this weekend

  3. I've enjoyed looking through your blog. Check out Sunshine PenPals and join the fun, we'd love to have you!

  4. I loooove awing dancing :) cute shoes !

    Ila x

  5. Love the new Dancing Shoes I am sure you will be stepping lively as soon as you feet hit the dance floor.
    So nice things are falling into place for you.

  6. Swing dancing would be such a fun way to get in shape! And I love those shoes--I think I'd want to wear them outside the studio, haha!

  7. Yay for meeting personal goals! I haven't heard from you via snail mail either so I'm assuming that's why. :-) I've gotten some other pen pals in the meantime and it's so fun! I also joined Reddit Gifts. Really getting into this snail mail thing.

    1. Yes! I haven't been able to get any letters written in the last couple of weeks because of the awesome stuff that I can't talk about yet! LOL There has been a dose of not-so-wonderful thrown in that I have to deal with too, but I am trusting the Lord with it ALL! There is a letter coming to you, though, SOON. :)