Saturday, May 14, 2011

Did you miss me?

Due to work and Blogger being down, I haven't posted since Wednesday!  Horrors! :)

I don't know what Blogger's deal was, but I hope it all gets put back to rights soon!  At least I can post a quick update on a few things tonight.

We missed this week's Go Here Thursday and Frank Friday.

Go Here Thursday was going to be about the seafood bisque at the Marietta Diner.  I love that dish so much that not only will I give you a full length, devoted post to it next Thursday, but I will also find out the recipe!  After that I hope to review a couple of places that aren't food related, just to keep a good mix.

To be honest, you didn't miss anything for Frank Friday.  The extent of Frank's adventures have been to ride around in the center console of my van as I take the kids to school, and the occasional errand to the grocery store.  The rest of the time, he waits while I'm at the dining room table, sewing like a mad thing. I'm nearly done with the 19th C wardrobe that I'm creating for a client and friend, but any seamstress will tell you that it's all those little last thing details and trims that seem to take the longest time to finish.

If you want to see my progress so far, visit my alter ego's blog for stages of completion.  Monday night should have a huge post that shows the ballgown completely finished out, and the day dress at least at 90%, if not also completed.  These things are kicking my rear.  But they are sooo pretty. :)

In the midst of all this chaos, my alter ego is also sewing stuffed toys for a huge local festival that's coming up in 3 weeks.  The clock is ticking and the pressure is on, but I (we?) am (are?) doggedly determined to triumph and come out on top with this full wardrobe done, and an award winner of a festival booth.  June 6th will be the judge of how that all happened out, so stay tuned.

Really, that's all that I've been up to here.  I hope you've got all your Blogger posts and comments back and I'm looking forward to reading my bloglist more next week.

You know, when I don't have my foot on a sewing machine pedal and a bunch of straight pins sticking out of my mouth.

One of the elephants I'll have for sale at the festival.

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  1. I did! I did!!
    Glad you are back. In the absence of any TMP posts, I even read your alter ego's blog. :)