Friday, May 6, 2011

Frank Goes Back In Time

It's Frank Friday!

Last weekend we packed up a bunch of gear, some out of style clothes, a black powder gun and Frank, and moseyed on down to Selma, Alabama for the 146th anniversary Civil War reenactment.

Frank enjoyed himself immensely.  I carried him in my work basket (alongside some quilt blocks I am working on, and my carefully-concealed-from-view-unless-I'm-using-it camera.) and we traveled around the sutlers, saying hi to dear friends along the way.

Here is Frank with Miss Mary of The Paper Lady sutlery.

The name comes from the pre-made paper cartridges that Mary makes and sells by the box to soldiers.  But what I love her sutlery for, is the corsets and sewing supplies.  I sew like a mad thing, and I'm working hard to learn more techniques and be able to personally make every piece of a 19th Century costume.  But those corsets are just beyond me.  Holy. Cow. All the boning and the lacing and the fitting makes my head spin.  Not to mention the materials it has to be made out of, which would surely break more than a few sewing machine needles if I tried it yet.  Therefore, I make everything else, and leave the corset to her!  I highly, highly, highly recommend her wares.

Here is Frank with Mr. Johnson of Rum Creek sutlery.

Rum Creek used to sell a variety of art prints, but lately have become purveyors of excellent 19th century related books and dry goods.  Mr. Johnson and his brother, Chuck, are some of the nicest gentlemen in the hobby and as I shop around their store I always hear them asking visitors if they can be of any assistance.
I can sew Jake's shirts, but it's actually quicker, easier and more convenient (since I'm up to my ears in ladies things, mostly) to purchase them here.  The tailoring is excellent and the price is very reasonable.  Plus, there is a large variety of colors to choose from, so Jake can find exactly what he wants.  At Selma, I also purchased a pair of reproduction eyeglass frames that I will get fitted with my prescription.  Like Mary's sutlery, I highly recommend Rum Creek's wares.  They will be at the Resaca, GA reenactment next.

Frank also posed with my husband and our friend Jesse before the battle on Sunday:

Frank then went back to the camp to "nap" in my tent, so that's all the photos I have of him at Selma.  Here are a few more photos of us and our hilarity, though. Enjoy. :)

This is generally how Marilyn and I start out a reenactment together.

The guys on Saturday

A friend and myself at the ball on Saturday night.
I have GOT to make a new ballgown! Ugh!
Best Friends

Period correct photo of us being serious
Us being friendly
Us being... well.  Us.

Jennifer and Shelby playing a period game called "Graces"

Yes, they really did burn the cabin down to the ground.  Every year. :)

Honoring those who lost their lives in the Tuscaloosa Alabama tornadoes last month

For more of Frank's Adventures, here is a previous post about him going to Florida for Spring Break.
I'll be sharing his other past shenanigans next week. :)


  1. that re-enacting must be a blast. and a ball to boot - I really like your dress (but you wear it a lot so you might be sick of it)
    have a nice weekend =)

  2. I actually mainly need to make a new dress because this one doesn't fit correctly. The front of the bodice was cut too long, so it wrinkles and is all baggy and the right shoulder was doing it's own funked out thing all night. LOL I made this dress around 5 years ago, before the birth of my youngest. So, yeah, having another baby changes the way it fits! :)

  3. I think the dress is lovely.