Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New Blog Structure! Sorta.

Now that the A-Z Challenge AND the reflections post on it are over, it's time to move on.  I found, while reading a lot of other blogs during the challenge, that many bloggers have something of a set "schedule" of what days they write and what general category that day's post will be about.

It seems like a good idea, especially for those like me who are finding they want to blog more, but are still unsure of what exactly to write about, (and are otherwise so disorganized in the rest of their lives) that some basic structure is needed.

I'll post it here as well, but if you ever want to know my decided blogging schedule, you can scroll down to the bottom of my blog; it is there between my Jazzercise goal counter and my fish pond. :)

Music Mondays- Posts about pieces of music that I love and/or find around the internets.

Random Tuesdays- Posts about whatever happens to be happening at the time or something that catches my short attention span.

Poetry Wednesdays- Verse, written either by me or someone else. (Will likely end up usually being by someone else.)

Go Here Thursdays- My recommendations to places or things: restaurants, blogs, museums, cities, attractions, parks, stuff I've tried and liked and where you can get it. (I won't be compensated in any way for these. It's my own opinions and praise, not an affiliation or sponsorship.)

Frank Fridays: One of two things- either me being frank about something that has happened (in the news, my political opinion, how rude the check out lady was at the store....) OR photos and stories of Frank the Adventurous Ape. (places my stuffed monkey Frank has been and what he's been doing.) Hopefully the "Frank TAA" posts will outnumber the "me being generally frank" posts.

Saturday and Sunday will either be non-posting days, or the occasional randomness post days (like Tuesdays).

Thanks in advance for keeping up with me as I continue my blogging adventures!


  1. good for you, schedules are good. and you can always adjust as you see fit =)

  2. Good for you! I am another one of those people who is a little unorganized and likes a bit of structure in things. I enjoy reading your blogs, and keep it up!!!

  3. I think it's good to have a plan; I was actually thinking of implementing one.

  4. I had to get rid of my blog fish pond because it was distracting me so much. Isn't that ridiculous?

    Please, by all means, steal the gratitude list idea! I first got the idea from Ann at A Holy Experience and just tweaked it for my own purposes, so I'm delighted when anyone wants to start their own!

    I have a blog schedule, but that's partly because I'm easily distracted. ;)

  5. Chris- Thanks! Glad you are enjoying it!
    Su- The fish pond is distracting, no doubt about it! That's why I put mine at the bottom. ;) Thanks for letting me borrow the gratitude list. I guess now it isn't snitching it since I got permission! :)

  6. You've now inspired me to start my own blog... Good Heavens.