Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August Gratitudes

August is over already??!  I had a lot to deal with, but I also had much to be thankful for!

  • 8.31- Crane Paper Co.'s Pen Pal idea
  • 8.30- The life and shining light of Sheila Richards
  • 8.29- Counsel and reason
  • 8.28- Getting to know the new church
  • 8.27- Spending the day out and about with the kids
  • 8.26- Tech Swing Dance Epicness
  • 8.25- iPod dock/charger/alarm clock on massive sale! Yay! I feel like one of the cool kids!
  • 8.24- 2 hours of work, then 4 errands finished all before noon!
  • 8.23- Nap after a sleepless night.
  • 8.22- Nice customer service reps when I have to work out insurance stuff
  • 8.21- A new friend at church
  • 8.20- Epic KSU swing dance with old friends and some new ones!
  • 8.19- Being able to partner with my favorite Christian radio station. J93.3 rocks! :)
  • 8.18- Blessed with a formal dress ($45 down from $160) like the one I wanted last year but couldn't get. A few adjustments and I can wear it to the Fox Theatre to see Wicked!
  • 8.17- Remembering my Dad. Today would have been his 56th birthday.
  • 8.16- Benadryl! Allergic reactions where I can't breathe are not ok.
  • 8.15- New part time job!!! Also got a big chunk of photo editing done!
  • 8.14- Epic and Fantabulous photo shoot with a swing dance friend. Confidence over my photography skills spikes to an all time high.
  • 8.13- Quiet time to write posts and plot photo shoots and whatever else
  • 8.12- Call from husband to say he got back to the job safely and misses me already
  • 8.11- AMAZING marriage conference. Kirk Cameron. Warren Barfield. God is moving in our lives in a big way!!!
  • 8.10- Husband came home from out of town job!
  • 8.9- Alarm clocks that work
  • 8.8- Positive feedback on top photos to go in my portfolio
  • 8.7- 7th Anniversary. Husband and I have thus far managed to not kill each other. ;)
  • 8.6- Mani-pedis with Christina before she goes back to Iraq
  • 8.5- New favorite movie score
  • 8.4- Kids to the bus on time; going to be a great new school year!
  • 8.3- Long visit with Dad's mom
  • 8.2- Old friends are Jeremy's new teachers this year
  • 8.1- Friend Christina is home on leave from Iraq!!!

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