Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Wicked"-ly Good!

I promised several people that my review of the musical "Wicked", which I went to see at the Fabulous Fox Theatre last Thursday night, would be up today.  One of those people was Mr. Allan Vella, the manager of that glorious venue which has been the topic of a recent Go Here Thursday post. (Hi, Mr. Vella!  I hope you got my letter yesterday!)

I must offer up my apologies to all who are waiting for the review and details- it was a hectic and packed weekend after that Thursday date, which culminated in my 3rd child coming down with a stomach flu on Sunday afternoon and redecorating the interior of my van on the way home from church with his breakfast.  He was kept home from school on Monday, with me playing referee between him and his younger sister.  I stayed worn out trying to keep her out of his space and spraying every tangible surface of the house with Lysol so that I didn't end up with a puking pre-schooler today.  (Thankfully the Lysol really does what it says and kills the germs, because she's fine!)

Then there was work this morning (a very part time, but much needed gig) for a few hours, followed by a Grandmother in need of help cleaning the kitchen, moving stuff in the garage, and defrosting the freezer. Add to that some matters of a personal nature, related to the parting of ways between long term friends (see yesterday's Music Mondays post for a glimmer of insight at that one), and it makes for one heck of an early week!

So.  I promise that I am working hard on a really good review piece of what I saw experienced on Thursday.  These things always take longer to compose than I think they will.  I have woven a bit of a rant on the absence of common courtesy and etiquette in today's theatre goers into my review piece too, so you won't want to miss that.  In the meantime, thank you for your patience, and I will get all of my postings caught up just as soon as possible!

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