Wednesday, September 7, 2011

They Cause Scenes...

Happy Wednesday!

I didn't have any poetry (again), so for your "I-am-so-phoning-this-in-again-Video-Wednesday" pleasure, here are three of my favorite missions from a group called "Improv Everywhere".  Basically, the goal of this group of improv actors is to make a call out to the fun-loving masses to meet up and play out some fun scenarios (seemingly) at random, in public places and see how many people (who are not in on it) pay attention.  They've done everything from bursting into musical song in places like the grocery store, the mall food court and a technology conference, to supporting a Salvation Army bell ringer with a full out hand bell choir and turning a kids carousel ride into a day at the races.

They've completed over 100 missions, to the general astonishment and (usual) delight of the average Joe Public around them.  May we all take a page from their book (they really have one, here) and do fun, clean, unexpected things in the world around us that make people smile and connect with one another.

My Three Favorites:

Invisible Dogs:

King Phillip IV:

The Mute Button:


  1. These are awesome! I nearly fell off my seat!

  2. @ Ty- You and your art are SO getting a Go Here Thursday from me soon! I love your work!

    @Jamie- Yes, but when I post the poetry I want it to relate to what's going on in my life (which that did, that's true) but in order to express its relevance I have to give a little back story and there wasn't time to do that for the poem you sent. That was really good and I wanted to do it better justice than just throwing it out in a post saying "It's Wednesday, so here's a poem." :)