Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011- In Review

In retrospect, I suppose 2011 has been better than 2010.  In some ways, much better.  In other ways, not much at all...  Here are some major points that happened:

January- March:
  • My professional camera went missing and then was found.
  • My blog hit 1,000 page views! :)
  • Cute Gremlin #4 turned 3
  • We got snowed/iced in at the house for 4 days and everything got organized and sorted! (For a little while, anyway.)  Plans for redecorating/renovating my room were begun.
April- June:
  • I participated in the A-Z Blog challenge,  nearly tripling my followers list! :D
  • I spent time at the beach and with good friends
  • Cute Gremlin #3 turned 6
  • I turned 30
  • I got to return to the beach :)
  • I made many more blog friends, and my page views topped 10,000! WOW!
  • I got to see "Wicked" at the Fox Theatre!
  • Cute Gremlin #2 turned 11
  • I began to set some strong goals and plans for my future, even in the midst of much uncertainty.
October- December:
  • My blog page views have now surpassed 25,000!!! Amazing!
  • I participated in NaBloWriMo
  • I began the 52 weeks of mail project, and pen pal-ing.
  • I got a job at Hobby Lobby- a direct answer to prayer!
  • Cute Gremlin #1 turned 13
  • The Cute Gremlins had a wonderful Christmas
  • [Update: what I originally wrote here has been removed for revision/prayer/privacy/etc] The Lord is my Rock and my Refuge.  I am clinging to Him and He will never fail me.
As my current Facebook status reads:

Dear 2011,
It wasn't your fault.  You tried to be a good year and gave me all your 365 days to live in.  So, thanks.
Dear 2012,
BRING IT ON.  I'm ready for you.

I'm still writing letters and trying to get caught up on blogging.  I'm sticking to plans that I've made:
  • Growing my income with Lucy Jane and Avon, etc.
  • the 2012 A-Z Blogging Challenge in April
  • saving up for my England trip in June of 2013 (more about that in another post soon!)
  • Spending time with my kids and creating a happy and healthy life for them.  Plans for trips to the park and local attractions and events, church events and other fun things.  We're going to be fine.
  • Most Importantly: reading my Bible every day and following the Lord wherever He leads me.
Happy, happy New Year, everyone!  2012 is going to be wonderful!

Love to you all,


  1. Oh - my poor love! Well - here's to a healthy and happy new start without the dead wood. And I really hope we can meet up when you are here in 2013. I'll be sending you all my love.
    Laura x

  2. Thank you both for your encouragement- and letters! Connecting with pen friends (not necessarily about anything that's been going on, either!) has been a great comfort to me. I love writing to far away friends and telling them all of the GOOD things that are happening! It reminds me of how happy and blessed I am. :)