Sunday, December 4, 2011

November Gratitudes

While the first thing that tends to jump to people's minds at the word 'November' is likely Thanksgiving Day, I did my very best to not lose sight of my blessings from the first day of the month to the last.  I am blessed beyond measure.

  • 11.30- Leftover 'Fish Legs' from our date at Joe's Crab Shack
  • 11.29- Jake's home improvement accident involving a work knife and his arm could have been so serious. I'm thankful he didn't die. No, really. It could have gone that way and God kept it from being so.
  • 11.28- Tallied up the hours scheduled for this week and it merits a low, "how awesome is this!" whistle
  • 11.27- Excellent message at church from Pastor Godwin
  • 11.26- Same as yesterday
  • 11.25- No fights breaking out in our store
  • 11.24- Happy Eat-Yourself-Into-A-Stupor Day! :)
  • 11.23- Quick closing at work so that we could come home and get ready for Thanksgiving.
  • 11.22- Grocery shopping by myself for some quiet down time
  • 11.21- Several friends are expecting! I love new babies!
  • 11.20- Choir practice and cute pass-along clothes from friends
  • 11.19- A soft bed to sleep in
  • 11.18- Sturdy shoes
  • 11.17- Great day at work, wonderful last Bible study class, a good car to run all over town doing errands in, and books waiting for me at the library. :)
  • 11.16- I GOT THE JOB!!! :D
  • 11.15- A good rainy, snuggly kind of day to get my room cleaned up and then write letters and catch up on other work
  • 11.14- Quiet time writing letters at the new library
  • 11.13- Church and bringing Christina with me! :)
  • 11.12- All day of a gorgeous wedding and wonderful people to photograph!
  • 11.11- Getting an elephant made and delivered and getting to have a chocolate peanut butter milkshake afterwards
  • 11.10- Getting to tour the wedding venue early to compose some shot ideas
  • 11.9- My pastor
  • 11.8- Morning: spending time at the new library while Emily was in daycare. Writing letters, finding books for myself and letting the older 3 kids browse. Also thankful for my right to vote. Evening: spending time visiting with my friend Adam Jones.
  • 11.7- Quality time spent with Emily at the new library and grocery shopping
  • 11.6- My mother in law coming to church with us before she had to head back to south GA
  • 11.5- Morning: The new library is open! Evening: Going to see Joe M. Turner's magic show
  • 11.4- An evening at the opera. So beautiful.
  • 11.3- A (once again) stellar Bible study session
  • 11.2- Dayquil
  • 11.1- My awesome Aunt

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  1. Wow- that's an awful lot to be thankful for!
    I'm thankful for an amazing penfriend who writes massive letters :)
    come join in the Secret Santa fun at