Monday, December 26, 2011

52 Weeks of Mail: Weeks 10 and 11

Before I get into what came in and went out via USPS, I think I should share that I have a problem that is related to/rivals that of my stationery addiction (highlighted in this post, if you missed it.)

Remember I said I was super busy and still writing letters on top of it all?  While I tried to get ready for Christmas?  Well, maybe now it's over I can claim half of my bed back.  Because this is what it has looked like for the past month:

The plan this week is to get my room back to being organized and useful!
Meanwhile, here's what arrived in week 10 of 52 Weeks of Mail!

A wonderful letter from Laura of The Daily Dodo, one from Lucie-Jane in England, a sweet card with a tea to try from my Nashville, TN penpal (that's the purple square one), a photo Christmas card from the Bestie, and (center) my first card from New Zealand!!! :D

Also got a card from the Pen Thief, a card/letter from a new pen pal in MI, and a post card from Snailmailfan of 100 Days of Snail Mail

Close up of my Christmas card from Misty, The Pen Thief. :)
And here is week 11's incoming:
Gorgeous Christmas Card from Lucie-Jane.  She lives on the Isle of Wight.
Christmas Cards from a local friend (snowman) and a lovely new
Nebraska pen pal (Noel) !
Sue, the Knitting Assassin, sent me a package from the UK!
Know what was in it besides this lovely Emmanuel card??
Thank you, Sue! :)
It's not a whole lot, but here is what got sent out those 2 weeks:
The giveaway prize letter pouch got sent to Germany; Christmas cards and post cards
got sent to [other parts of ] GA (4), PA, TX (2), TN, OH, MA, New Zealand and Ireland.
I'm getting emails with pen pal requests too, so the lists in the upper left sidebar will be changing soon! :)
See you at the mailbox!

PS- If you've written to me and I haven't written back yet, it's coming!  January in retail sees a huge drop in my hours, so I'll have some mornings free to put pen to paper! :)

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