Wednesday, October 10, 2012

And Who Doesn't Love Fairies?!

I'm sick with the stomach flu today.  Since about 4 a.m. my insides have been having a terrible row with the rest of my body.  Ugh.  It's cooled off outside quite a lot and really feels like fall.  Overcast and rather windy this morning, so I've made tea and am getting caught up on all my letters and Bible study homework and then tonight after Cute Gremlins are asleep, and also tomorrow afternoon, I will be in the studio with my headphones on, sewing up a storm.

One of the soundtracks that runs through my iTunes at random is Peter Pan, the live action version from  2003 starring Jeremy Sumter (Peter) and Jason Isaacs (Hook).  This is my favorite scene from the film (and, consequently, my favorite track, composed by James Newton Howard).

What little girl in their childhood didn't want to be Wendy in Neverland, flying under a glowing moon and surrounded by fairies?  I know I always did! :)  This version of J.M. Barrie's classic story also has my favorite take on Tinkerbell.  Super expressive and beautiful.  Even if a little jaded by her jealousy.

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