Tuesday, October 9, 2012

52 Weeks of Mail: The Rest of Year 1

Well, I managed to mail off one thing a week for most weeks of the 52 Weeks of Mail Project this past year, with a couple of exceptions.  I didn't quite make the goal.  Still, it was a fantastic thing to be a part of and I have made oodles of new friends all around the world!  I have joined in for Round 2 and will be posting photos of incoming and outgoing mail goodies on Saturdays each week.

This is the only "personal" thing I'm able to blog about at the moment. Which is so unfair!  :(  Eventually, I'll catch you all up to speed on goings on, but for right now, I can't.  So this will have to fill in.  I hope you are inspired and uplifted by the photos, and if you want to join in on the fun, be sure to follow the link above to the 52 Weeks Facebook page.

Here are the photos that I took of things I sent between the end of June and the 1st of October.  I sent more than this, and received some beautiful mail too, but I didn't get photos of it. (I'll try harder to document this time around.)


  1. So beautiful, and loving being on the receiving end :) Hope all is well sweetheart- sorry I'm so long coming back to you again - must try harder!!! That said, I'm joining in with 52 weeks properly this year.
    All my love
    Laura xxxx

  2. Yay!! Welcome aboard! :) Take your time in replying to my last ... er... novel. I am still around 20-25 behind, so I have plenty to keep me busy when I'm not in the studio sewing. :)

  3. Do I see a letter in those pics that is in my hand right now?

  4. Indeed, Jim! Did it just now arrive??! I sent it out weeks ago! :)

  5. Nah it arrived September 25. I have a backlog :) Reply in the post tomorrow.