Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hugh Are Just Adorable...

We haven't had many puns around here, and I'm officially allowed 2 per day, so I thought I'd spring for one in the title.  You're welcome.  :)

Two of these Hughes were born in England; the other hails from Australia.
All three have speech accents that make my knees go all wobbly.
Hugh Laurie
Hugh Grant 

Hugh Jackman

Two of these Hughes have played Jane Austen characters (in the same film, "Sense and Sensibility"); the other currently has a famous Victor Hugo character, Jean Valjean, being added to his repertoire of "film roles involving/inspired by/related to classic literature".  (PS- if Jackman ever wants to join the "Been a Jane Austen gentleman" club with the other two, I nominate him for either Mr. Darcy, Mr. Knightly, or Captain Wentworth!!!)
All three look amazing in 19th Century period costume.

Two of these Hughes are old enough to be my father (Grant and Laurie); the other (Jackman) not quite, but still a good deal older than I am (by 13 years).
All three sing and play piano. (Two play by choice and the other because he had to for a film role.)


Two of these Hughes (Jackman and Grant) were born in the fall; the other was born in the summer, the date before my own birthdate. (Hugh Laurie's birthday is June 11th.  Mine is the 12th.)
All three have amassed quite a collection of BAFTA, SAG, Golden Globe, and Emmy nominations and awards among them.  (Total nominations for above awards by the three Hughes = 28... Total wins for above awards by the three Hughes = 7)  (And they have all three won many other kinds of awards as well, I just didn't list them all here.  Go look it up on IMdB and do the math if you want to know a grand total.)

There's your pop culture eye candy for the day.  :)  Which Hugh do you like best?
Hugh are handsome.  Hugh are talented.  I will see Hugh at the movies soon. :)


  1. I like all 3 Hughs but I think Jackman and Laurie are my faves. Had no idea Hugh Laurie was a Brit!

  2. Did you see the post I did on him last year??
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