Saturday, October 1, 2011


While catching up on my blog reads today, I found a link on MYFEATHEREDNEST to NaBloWriMo.  (That's "National Blog Writer's Month", for all of you acronym/text abbreviation challenged people.) :)

The goal is to post a blog a day for the whole month of October.  Like the April A-Z Challenge.  (But not.)

I know I have been behind on my regular scheduled posts, and finding this on the first day of October, plus the GORGEOUS cool weather and crisp breeze outside has been the perfect catalyst to get me back in Blogging Gear! :)

When I did the A-Z Challenge in April, I thought of all kinds of excuses as to why I am "too busy" to blog, and how I was sure to mess it up and not complete the challenge.  But you know what?  People were so supportive, and several actually LIKED what I was writing, and I found that my entire day was more productive overall when I got my butt up early (or scheduled a post before bed at night) and met the challenge!  And I did it!  On May 1st, I got 2 awards for completing it! (You can see them on the right hand sidebar.)  And I felt my self-esteem and sense of contributory worth rise up a few notches!

So that kind of leads in to today's prompt: "Why do you blog?"

I blog because I'm discovering my identity, my interests and my voice.  I've 'met' some other amazing people through blogs, and have learned many new things!  I've discovered that there are people out there whom I can connect with, and be friends with, even if we have very different life-styles.  It's taught me to broaden my horizons and knowledge, while still staying firmly anchored in who I am, what I believe, and at the same time, it allows me to chronicle the journey of who and where I am now, through time to become who and where I want to be!

Things I've discovered while blogging:
Beautiful Art
New Friends
My Strengths
My Weaknesses
Good Recipes
"How To" Tutorials
Courage to Share my Faith
Opportunities to Serve Others
Book Suggestions
Feelings of Accomplishment and Success (which then lead to more of the same in other areas of my life)

So here's to a post every day, more giveaways, and friends I haven't met yet!


  1. Glad you've joined! This is a great bunch and I find it less unweildy than the A to Z which has gotten so huge, so I'm glad to meet you!

  2. Hooray for Monty Python! :) Nice to meet you, too!

  3. Great list of why blogging is awesome :) And the funny thing is - one finds time. Last year during NaBloWriMo I was the busiest I've ever been in my life. This year I'm the least busy I've ever been. Somehow, I have a feeling this year will be the bigger challenge....

  4. Thanks! I know, right!? I love your denial post. So me this time of year! LOL

  5. blogging is all that you've mentioned. sometimes you just need a little help from other bloggers to get you started which I think NaBloWriMo does.

    coming from NaBloWriMo. hope you have a lovely october.

  6. Glad your participating! And yup it's a challenge all right but somehow we will all get through! Cheers!