Friday, January 13, 2012

52 Weeks of Mail: Week 13

Hi!  I've missed you!  Thank you all for your love and prayers.  I've had a decent week this week; got a lot done and was even a bit creative. :)  God is so good.

I only got one piece of mail this week, but it is just lovely.  From a new pen pal in Connecticut came this Victorian card:

On the inside she enclosed a recipe card with her address clearly printed on one side, and her mini-bio of likes and interests on the other for quick reference.  What a great idea!!!  At the bottom where it says "Serves" to say how much the recipe makes, she wrote "Everyone.  I'm a mom! :)" The whole thing completely made my day! :)

I had a couple of hours blocked to get a good sized pile of outgoing mail written for Week 13, but with the rainy nastiness that has been going on outside, Cute Gremlin #4 and I took that time to cuddle and sleep off a sinus migraine (me, not her.  She was just grumpy and 3 and needing a nap!).  So Week 13's outgoing is a bit modest, but you know what?  It was still lovingly created and I still made the goal of having outgoing post!  Quality over quantity, right?  Here is what went out:

The round thing is a package for my Nashville, TN pen pal.  Clearly, I do not
possess any skills whatsoever for wrapping objects that are not square.  Also going
out were some of my first attempts at "for real" mail art: To fellow 52 week-er Ana in
Spain, and new Michigan pen pal Emily.
I was getting crazy with the glitter stickers, y'all! :)
Encouraging card to Candace of The Misadventures In Candyland (please stop by
and show her some love!).  Last but not least, a reply letter to new Connecticut
pen pal Krista. Like Candace's, Krista's address was outlined in pen and then
shaded in with colored pens.  You'll see more about that in my upcoming post
about the hoard of new letter writing/art supplies that I got recently! :)
Closer view of the two artsy pieces.  I had been eyeing that music paper in
the scrapbooking aisle at work all month in December and finally caved and
bought a piece.  I love it!  The postage print of Ana's is so much fun too!
If you want a great tutorial on how to make your own envelopes like this,
go to Cappuccino and Art Journal's post here.
That's it for Week 13.  I'll be posting Week 14's goodies on Sunday, Jan. 15th.
See you at the mailbox! :)


  1. How wonderful that you write letters! I had a cousin who was a great letter writer - practically a book - it was such a gift! It's a stretch for me to get a page done. It's a lost art, so bravo for you!! Your taking the time to write is a blessing for the receiver.
    blessings to you!

  2. So, uh, Jenny - why haven't we met yet? Had to visit you after I saw your profile picture on Holly's comments over on Jeremiah Avenue. Girl reading book. Love it!

    You totally looked like you were reading Jane!

    Anyway, we have way too much in common - except I have a little over 20 years on you. Never mind - I own more period attire than contemporary clothes, swing dancing - YES - Jane Austen - YOU BET - Love the Lord - ETERNALLY!

    Do visit me over at The Writer's Reverie and see what I'm up to there. Would love to know what you want to write YOUR book about. So wish I had the time to do all that wonderful and creative letter writing you do - a fascinating hobby!

    Be back soon!

  3. Thank you, Holly! I love coming to visit your blog! It's sooo pretty! Something new and beautiful every time I pop by. :)

    Kathy! Hi! We are totally twins!!! Lol. That is awesome! I will be popping by to visit you often! Thanks for the bloggy love! :)

  4. PS- I specifically picked that book for the photo shoot. It's "Pride & Prejudice". All time fav. Don't have to read it, as I've practically got memorized by now. ;)