Saturday, January 14, 2012

52 Weeks of Mail: Week 14

It's been a great mail week!


Gorgeous piece from Katie Marlowe with some peacock themed
stationery and the sweetest note ever enclosed!

Pocci, the winner of my last giveaway, sent me a wonderful letter from Germany
(I love the peacock feather on the front!!!) and I got my first post from the state
of Iowa from new pen pal Sharon. :)
Check out this unbelievably gorgeous stationery and post card!!! :)
Sharon's card from Iowa is so cute!  I wonder what's around that bend in the drive? :)

So thanks to wonderful people like Katie M., The Pen Thief, Cappuccino And Art Journal, and several others, I am now a complete DIY envelope maker!  All of this weeks outgoings were made by yours truly using either a page from a gorgeous calendar I had up last year, or a piece of scrapbook paper. There would have been more going out, but I spent so much time making the envies that I haven't finished the letters that go in the second half of them. (Time management fail. :})  I ended up splitting the stack in half; these got done for week 14 and the rest will belong to week 15.  And I'll stay caught up! LOL.

From top: To a new pen pal from Nebraska; To Mavis in China; To Katie M
in Pennsylvania; To Lucie-Jane in England; and my favorite: an over-the-toply
Harry Potter themed containing a letter written on parchment for Kendall C. of
Happy Little Mailboxes. :)  I had way too much fun making all of these! :)
See you at the mailbox!!! :)

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  1. Very nice envelopes -- so happy I helped inspire you. isn't it fun? And green too.