Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This morning as I checked my blogger dashboard, I saw the most amazing thing.
My page views counter has topped 30,000! 30,000!!!

Some other fun numbers:
My 4 year blogiversary is coming up in April, but I didn't do much with the blog at all for the first 3 of those.  The stats show a total of 234 posts (not including this one), with 189 of those belonging to 2011.  '08, '09 and '10 combined only total 34 posts.

February of 2011 saw me reach the 1,000 mark, with a handful of followers and only 10 posts so far for the year.  (I celebrated by publishing this post.)  The turning point in my writing came when I found the A-Z Challenge.  If you own a blog and have never done this challenge, PLEASE do it this year!!!  It is so much fun!!  I visited (and began following) a ton of other blogs that I would never have come across otherwise.  My own followers count tripled in only a couple of weeks and I finally began to feel like I had found my voice.  What I was writing and offering out to the world to read was in fact being read!  In less than half a year, I suddenly found myself surrounded by new friends and writing this post to thank you, my sweet, sweet readers, for coming back for return visits another 9,000 times!

Now it's been 6 months again, and I am awed beyond words (well, obviously not, as I'm 4 paragraphs into a thank you post!), grateful and so, so blessed to be thanking you for achieving 10,000 page views not once, but 3 times!  Wow.  Wow, wow, wow!  The blessings aren't limited to you popping by and saying "Hi!", either!  Some of you write to me using for real pen and paper too, and I love getting your letters in the mailbox! I also love reading your blogs about all the awesome mail you get, and sometimes seeing the mail I have sent to you in your posts and getting to know it reached you safely and brought you joy!  Blessings, blessings, blessings! :)

Thank you, thank you for 30,000 page views!  You are amazing! :)

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  1. Those are some impressive figures my friend - good going :)

  2. Congrats! Very nice nod to the A to Z, which is how I found you. Love the name of your blog. :)

    Alana (writercize)