Sunday, January 22, 2012

Adam's Birthday

This post is about 2 of my favorite things: My friend Adam Jones, and the Letter Writer's Alliance.

Adam's birthday is in September.  Coincidentally, I happened across the LWA and was in the process of joining it in August.  While link-hopping on the LWA site*, I wandered over to 16 Sparrows, the shop belonging to the LWA founder, Donovan B. (Heads up, a few of the items have strong language on them.  You were warned.  I chose to overlook those, though, and shop anyway, mainly because the tag line was so intriguing: "Sarcasm folded in half"! Lol!)

For as long as I can remember, Adam has always had this persona about him that says "I'm more refined and educated than you, simply because I'm Adam Jones.  But you're a great person too, so don't let it bother you."  He's incredibly smart, his wit is razor sharp without ever being cruel in any way and I ALWAYS come away from a visit with him feeling like he has not only identified points of worth and value in both of us during the course of the conversation, but that I have also learned something new and valuable for having had his insight and point of view.  I'm probably making a mess of explaining how I love to visit with him**, but that's the best I have right now. :)

Getting back to the story...
As I was shopping 16 Sparrows, I found the PERFECT birthday gift for Adam.  We don't have a tradition of exchanging birthday gifts, but I could not resist.  I added the item to my cart along with my LWA membership and eagerly awaited its arrival.  As (not so great) luck would have it, it was actually a long while later- November, I think- before we were able to schedule time to meet and chat, but it was worth the wait. Excellent Greek food at the Douglasville Diner, excellent conversation and fun, and I captured Adam opening his gift:
I love so much that it came wrapped in brown paper, tied up with string. :)
Adam getting a good look at the Awesomeness that is...

Photo from 16 Sparrows.  Click HERE to order your own set!!!
You can find Adam's blog here.  He will probably give me flak again for saying this, as I did in a previous post about him, but I'm going to do it anyway: for those of you who may be new around here, Adam's blog often contains inappropriate language and content.  But it contains much hilarity too, and he's been my friend these many years, so I follow and read it whether it aligns with my own views/upbringing/morals/what-have-you or not.  Stop by and give him a "hi" if you want to.  Don't if you don't.  He's understanding and gracious that way.

Happy Birthday (and a quarter, by now), Adam!!! :)

*You can join the LWA without going to 16 Sparrows.  Here is the LWA site and membership info.
**Adam and I discovered in high school that although we adore each other as friends, there was/is not and would NEVER be any sort of romantic attachment/emotions/complications.  That fact = no potentially awkward moments when we get time to catch up!  Which is awesome, because the conversation flows so much more freely.  People often comment, "Oh, so you love him like a brother, then?"  Actually, the answer to that is no, not really.  We each of us have family issues we would never wish on anyone, let alone someone we are FRIENDS with, so that sort of "sibling I never had" feeling?  Nope, we don't have that either.  What we do have is "I met you years and years ago and took time to get to know you as a person, and my life is so much richer as a result; let's respect each other's differences and find common ground for conversation and enjoy each other's company over tea and good food."  Yeah.  That's us. :) :)

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  1. That is just awesome that you can have a relationship like that with someone . Just awesome .