Saturday, March 10, 2012

52 Weeks of Mail: Weeks 21 and 22

I know I missed posting another 52 Weeks batch on time (again), but I didn't want to retro-post it in case it got covered over in the blog feeds and you missed seeing the awesomeness that waltzed into (and out of) my mailbox over the last fortnight.

Week 21- Incoming:
Gorgeous postcard from Tish in TX, and what is this arrived from airmail?...
AMAZING package from Rin in Australia!!!  Rin writes the blog Papered Thoughts
Red card and striped envie with awesome stamps is from Mavis in China,
long envie and blue paper is from Randi T. over at My Happy Mailbox,
and pink envie and peacock card is from Darice M. in FL (a fellow
Lettermo-er and peacock lover.)
Week 21 outgoing:  None.  Yes, I missed a week entirely.  But I kind of made up for it in Week 22...

Week 22's outgoing:
3 bird envies going out to fellow Lettermo-ers, plus my
booth fee for the Hydrangea Festival in June, and a donation
to the PVA.  They send me the prettiest return addy labels.
4 more Lettermo bird envies!  Well, the top one is a resend,
because the lovely USPS ripped the addy off of it the
first time out.  They ruin the prettiest mail art sometimes. :(

Week 22 incoming:
Only one this week, but it was a doozie that made me so happy!  Check out this peacock perfection from Rose L. (also a Lettermo-er):

She also used an encoder and wrote a quote for me to decipher!  So cool!  I'm working on a reply. :)

I hope you've been getting lots of good things in your post box!  I'm off to write more letters!

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  1. Prett pretty stuff! Now I am off to write aletter to my nephew in the Marines. I will probably skip the peacock paper this time