Monday, March 19, 2012


It's officially spring!  And this past week has certainly shown us better weather!  The trees are all blooming out and everything is starting to be covered in pine pollen! (Pass the Claratin and Allegra, please!)

It's so pretty out, though!  Here is a photo I took of the view from my room last week:

Sorry if it's a bit pixelated- I took it through the screen.

In honor of springtime, and it still being March with reminders of St. Patrick's Day everywhere, I thought I would spotlight another Irish lass for your Music Monday.  Here is Orla Fallon singing the traditional Irish song "Mo Ghile Mear".  Enjoy!

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  1. that's a beautiful view you have there :) spring's springing here too... time to plant some veg in the allotment me thinks!