Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bring Someone JOY!

If you're just getting to know me through The Modest Peacock, it should be immediately obvious how important music is to me.  Music that affirms my faith and lifts my spirits is that much more valuable.  Here in Atlanta, the radio station that more than meets my daily need for uplifting and encouraging music is WVFJ, The JOYFM at 93.3.
The JOY FM transferred to not-for-profit status just last year, which means they are LISTENER SUPPORTED.  They can't operate without the support of the community.  Twice a year the station holds a Friendraiser- a week of asking for your commitment to support them and keep them on the air as a blessing to as many people as the airwaves can reach!

My family is on a super tight budget.  Husband's job, while we are grateful that he has one, leaves us reallllyyy reaching to make those ends meet.  But here is something super cool and utterly amazing- they always do.  Somehow or another, God pulls out all the stops and the money is there.  (Very often down to the penny.  So awesome!)  Last fall during the first fundraiser week, I felt the Lord moving my heart to give.  I was sitting in the van on my way to a temporary job that I had taken.  I had J93 on the radio, of course, and this is how the conversation with the Lord went:
"Jenny.  Call the station and give."
"Lord? You know we don't have the money."
"Yes, you will.  Call."
"I don't understand."
He was so patient with my doubt.  "You don't have to understand.  Watch what I'll do.  Call."
I fought and I struggled with the math in my head.  We had enough for a one time gift, though.  (I mean, we keep some in the account.  We're not broke at a zero balance.  We just have to manage what is there very carefully.)  I balked and resisted.  He just held my heart and kept insisting.  I knew I had to obey.  It was hard.  But I knew I needed to.

So I dialed the number. 1-888-933-9330.
As the volunteer answered, the prompting in my heart was super strong.
I didn't give a one time gift.  I obeyed the Lord and set up $30.00 a month.  I knew we had it for about 3 months- after that I didn't know where it would come from.  But you know what??  We have been SO BLESSED.  It's been 6 months, and the money is not only there to give at the first of every month, we've had MORE than enough to cover it.  The Lord comes through in so many ways- more hours for Husband at work.  A seasonal job for me.  Our tax refund.  GOD PROVIDES!  It has been amazing!!!

What can you give?  Will you take that leap of faith and give?  They need us to stay on the air and bring not only the encouraging music, but prayer time and the message of hope and Jesus' love to a hurting world.  Please call them right now, or GIVE ONLINE.  This is so important!

Husband's job has kept him in South Carolina for 6 weeks now.  The kids and I haven't seen him for a month and a half.  This is on top of our already very serious marriage problems that need help.  February and March have been SO lonely.  I can't tell you how The JOY FM has been a constant reminder of God's presence and love.  I'm NOT alone and I am so loved!  The music on The JOY FM has kept me praising and trusting Him.  I don't know what's going to happen with Husband's job in the next while.  It's not bringing in enough to get us back on our feet in the way that needs to happen, and I am often on my knees in prayer for something to change and heal our broken family.  EVERY time I turn on The JOY FM, there is a song that addresses the very need I am struggling with.  That's not a coincidence!  That is the Lord God Almighty!

PLEASE, PLEASE give whatever you can.  Maybe you can give $30 a month like I did.  Maybe you only have $10 for a one time gift.  Whatever it is, please call them or donate online!

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