Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Gratitudes

February has come and gone!  It was a busy month, filled with good friends, letters in the mailbox, and so many blessings to be thankful for!!

  • 2.29- Cutie Pie Emily making me smile every 5 minutes!
  • 2.28- Dayquil
  • 2.27- Voting
  • 2.26- All the bills paid up
  • 2.25- Inspiration for new projects and creative goodness!
  • 2.24- Fish legs is tasty noms! :)
  • 2.23- a whole day to myself to move furniture around, get organized and clean things up
  • 2.22- Taking Gran out shopping
  • 2.21- Fun time with kids, making green slime :)
  • 2.20- Friend's surgery went well
  • 2.19- Getting GRACED by 2 wonderful friends. You two are such blessings!!!
  • 2.18- Good doctors for my Grandmama
  • 2.17- Musical Numbers
  • 2.16- Fantastic Bible Study time!
  • 2.15- Half price chocolates/Valentine's candy
  • 2.14- Friend who sent me Mr. Darcy in the mailbox and made my Valentine's Day not so horrible
  • 2.13- More letters in my mailbox
  • 2.12- Email about things relating to The Other Me that made my entire year!
  • 2.11- Heat and warm blankets as the temps drop super fast outside.
  • 2.10- Two people I love have a Birthday today!
  • 2.9- A few questions answered
  • 2.8- I found a few awesome treasures at the thrift store!
  • 2.7- Letters in my mailbox
  • 2.6- My brother-in-law, who has a birthday today
  • 2.5- Someone who came to church
  • 2.4- Strong headache medicine
  • 2.3- The freedom to make a few long term plans
  • 2.2- Pretty paper to write letters on
  • 2.1- Meeting new friends through the Lettermo challenge


  1. Now that's a busy month full of lots of good stuff :)

  2. I love your list. I keep a little notebook in my purse and it is labeled "joys" Some months I forget to write in it completely, other months I get several in. It always cheers me up to read up.