Sunday, April 1, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

Welcome to the first day of the A-Z Challenge!!!  It's going to be a great month, full of fun posts!
As it's also the 1st of the month, my A entry is all about attitude today- An Attitude of Gratitude!  Here is my list of things I was grateful for in March:

  • 3.31- A few hours with husband home. And that he has a job. Even though I really hate it right now. I'm grateful that he has one.
  • 3.30- Making a phone call that ultimately saved us a lot of time, hassle and gas money
  • 3.29- Tea at the Vineyard Cafe in Marietta Square
  • 3.28- Good friends bringing their kids for a play date
  • 3.27- Novacaine
  • 3.26- Fun shopping by myself and getting supplies for Lucy Jane
  • 3.25- Getting to snuggle with husband before he had to leave for another week away. I sleep so much better when all of my family is at home together.
  • 3.24- Spending all day at the zoo with my family
  • 3.23- My Grandmother, who has a birthday today
  • 3.22- Clean jeans
  • 3.21- Cute Gremlin #4 is 4 years old today!
  • 3.20- Sewing time and Things Accomplished
  • 3.19- Good things showed up in the mail. :)
  • 3.18- Church with my whole family. Also thankful for prayer warriors
  • 3.17- HUSBAND IS HOME!!!
  • 3.16- Parcels from England that contain bath salts, which made everything else smell heavenly! (including the mailbox!)
  • 3.15- Today I'm thankful that I'm not Julius Caesar. He had it pretty rough.
  • 3.14- PI DAY!!! :)
  • 3.13- Really, really, really awesome dental hygienists. And pain killers for the migraine I sported later in the day
  • 3.12- Nimble fingers
  • 3.11- Getting to spend time playing Nancy Drew games with my kids
  • 3.10- Getting my Nikon out again after a 3 month hiatus and photographing the evidence of Spring all around me.
  • 3.9- Nice receptionists who treat me with respect and courtesy when I decide to act like an adult and make a dental appointment.
  • 3.8- Being given the chance to enter a giveaway to WIN new patterns on the internets!!! :D
  • 3.7- The magic of ordering new patterns on the internets!!! ;)
  • 3.6- An amazing day out at Marietta Square!
  • 3.5- The gentle whirring sound of my sewing machine
  • 3.4- 50% off coupons
  • 3.3- Spending time with friends all day long
  • 3.2- Straight pins
  • 3.1- Getting some much needed sleep


  1. Yay, April came back round again! With more A to Z! Looking forward to reading all your alphabet posts again. :)

  2. I like that - 'Attitude of Gratitude' - can I borrow it?

    Looking forward to your A-Z posts, missy! :-)

  3. great start to the challenge

  4. What a great list! I used to love playing the Nancy Drew games with my daughter. I miss that. :)

  5. There truly is so much to be grateful for every single day!
    Over from the A to Z Challenge.
    God bless!

  6. Awesome list, Jenny! Got your letter too!! (That is on my gratitude list! ;) See you tomorrow!

  7. Nimble finger and straight pins...on my list too!

    Great start to the A-Z Challenge!

    Jenny @ Pearson Report
    Co-Host of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  8. Well, I'm grateful that you bullied me into doing A-Z last year. Due to that, I couldn't face the shame of not doing it again this year.

  9. Such wonderful gratitude!

    I love your "Pen Pal" involvement that I saw on your blog's side bar - How fun!

  10. It's good to cultivate gratitude. Thanks for sharing your list!

  11. Love this post. It got me thinking that gratitude multiplies the more attention you pay to it. Because everything you're grateful for leads to something else. :-)

  12. Hi, everyone! Thanks for popping by!
    Sue- of course, love- feel free! I snitched it from Cheekyness. :)
    Adam- Bullied?! What happened to you being all "Challenge accepted" with your smug self? LOL Glad you are doing it again. Now give me your lunch money... ;) LOL