Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quis Leget Haec?

Translated:  Who will read this?

I get curious about my readers.  Lately, the manual labor portion of my work (fun though it is) has taken over and kept me from being able to craft any blog posts with any truly valuable and/or entertaining content.  The writer is willing, but the hours are few.

Yet, I see that I am only 3 followers away from the coveted blogger status of 100 regular readers.  Awesomeness!  Am I really that entertaining?  I want to be.  I crave approval.  I can't help it.

So I'd love to take this letter Q post of the A-Z and ask all of my readers:
Quod facit redire?
What makes you return?
Is there a certain feature you enjoy?  Music Mondays, perhaps?
Or maybe it's my fractured way of looking at things and telling a story.  I think I'm hilarious.  I would hope that other people do, too, but either way, I love to laugh and I never cease to run out of material due to my own life experiences and warped sense of humor.  (Thinking about it, this blog could probably use a few more puns from day to day...)

I just wonder about the people on the other side of the wires.  Wherever and whoever you are, it's nice to have you come visit.  I've met so many interesting people through blogging and I have a feeling the awesomeness on that front is just getting started. :)


  1. I love keeping up with you because you're my best friend's daughter-in-love! AND I also love to read your blogs because we have a lot in common! You are a dancer, you are funny, you write well (and appreciate and employ good grammar and sentence structure), you're multi-talented, and your family and faith are important to you! Is that enough reasons? LOL

  2. I think the pun idea is great. You know how i love them!

    I just love your view on things and your snarky attitude, Jenny-dear.

  3. I love your title! I love to know what the Modest Peacock is up too

  4. I just love to see what you're up to, and like to come for my regular dose of Jennyness :) Lx

  5. I just found your blog today, but I will gladly become follower number 98. I'm nearing 100 followers of my blog as well!

    Why will I come back? I like the voice of this post: it's friendly and fun. That's why I'm becoming another loyal reader. :)

  6. Well, I'm new here so can't comment on your stuff too much yet, but Music Mondays sounds cool. You're only one away from that magic 100 now! :)

  7. Awww! Thank you for all of those awesome reasons! I feel like the bar has been raised now! lol! Welcome, Dana and Nick and thanks for your sweet comments and support as well! :)

  8. As I write this, you ARE at 100 followers, so Congrats for that! I come back time and time again because of your writing. Its entertaining, meaningful, true, sometimes funny, sometime serious, but always a good read! Keep it up!