Monday, April 23, 2012

That'll Be The Way Home

Hey, did you know that Steam Powered Giraffe has a song on the new album that starts with "T"?  In fact, their album title starts with "T" as well! (Two Cent Show)  That fits in so neatly with my A-Z!

But back to the song- Would you like to hear "That'll Be The Way Home"?  Of course you would.  But in order to do so, you have to become an Engineer-eteer first!  (There's a video about becoming an Engineer-eteer in yesterday's post, if you would like to be entertained before clicking the link.  Or just click the link.  But why would you not want to be entertained?!)

So do it.  Become an Engineer-eteer and hear a wonderful song with amazing harmonies from the Most Epic Band Ever.  (If you thought of any other band besides Steam Powered Giraffe when I said that [and also if I knew how to fence], I would totally challenge you to a duel.)

You're welcome.
Actually, don't thank me.
Thank Rabbit, The Spine and The Jon.  It's their awesome that you're about to be listening to.  :)

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