Wednesday, December 26, 2012


After a sleepless night (general insomnia), I heard the children wake up for Christmas morning.
After they had come downstairs and gasped with delight over their presents, there was paper everywhere and smiles and laughter and it was wonderful.
After the presents were all open, there was a breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast.  Simple, but so good.
After spending time playing games and setting up toys, it was time for them to go to their dad's for his visitation time.  They will be back on Jan. 1st.
After they were gone, the house was too quiet.
After I had lunch and cleaned up the downstairs, I decided to go see Les Miserables.
After I sat down in the theater, someone I hadn't seen in a long time found me and invited me to sit with them.
After the opening overture, I didn't stop crying until the credits rolled.
After the movie, we went to get a bite to eat and catch up on each other's lives for a couple of hours.
After I got home the weather turned downright nasty.  Glad to be snug and safe.
After a good night's sleep, I spent the majority of today job searching and submitting online applications.
After some general blogging, I discovered that my ex married his mistress yesterday.  I thought I would feel something one way or another, or have some sort of response since our divorce was only final Nov 28th, but I didn't.  I don't really care.  Huh.
After I helped my Gran with some stuff she needed, I went back to my job search and was interrupted by 3 different instant messages from good friends wanting to chat.  Gal pal Nikki lives in Savannah and is always ready to tell me how the city looks and what's happening there. I felt loved and cared about. :)
After writing this, I'm ready to go to bed and have a busy, productive, and happy day tomorrow, spending time in prayer, getting caught up on housework, sewing work, more job searching, and writing some long overdue letters.

I'm going to leave you with a great song lyric about "after".  It's by Mumford and Sons.  (Here's the full song if you want to hear it.  I'll likely feature it on a MM sometime later.)

And after the storm
I run and run as the rains come
and I look up, I look up
On my knees and out of luck
I look up...

There will come a time, you'll see, with no more tears
when love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears
Get over your hill and see what you find there
with grace in your heart and flowers in your hair.


  1. And today is a BRAND NEW DAY! Hallelujah! May it bring you a great BIG smile:) Peace be with you!


  2. I'm looking for work, too. Good luck in your search and I hope we both find the perfect job in 2013 :)

    1. I will be praying for you! I know we will both find something wonderful! :) I have you on my list of letters to write tomorrow! Hugs!

  3. Holding you in my heart - hope you find warmth 'after'
    Laura x

  4. Hi Sweet Jenny-
    I just loaded your blog into the draft post for my Grow Your Blog party - so you are all set. Dont forget the party on January 19th!!

    ps -- our little 2 year old "stole" the purple elephant from her baby sister - LOL -- so I will have to order another one later!!


    1. Yay!!!! I am looking forward to the blog party! :D

      That's awesome about the elephant! I can't wait to custom make you another one! Just let me know! :)

  5. After reading this, I realized what a to-do list I had myself...

    Good luck on the job -- the company I work for was just bought by another company. We will know mid-January where our futures lie...


    1. Thanks, Pearl, and prayers for you too! At least in the middle of all of this uncertainty I know Who is in control and that makes a lot of the stress melt away. Happy New Year, dear!

  6. Oh, Jenny. I understand your comment the other day on my blog. Bless you! God is in the consequences - that is where we just see Him delight in showing Himself - just as He did with the friend you met at the movie, the people who checked in with you. He gives us so many promises - I like how He says, "Behold, I will do a new thing." He's got your back. May your 2013 be full of His richest blessings!

    1. Thank you, Holly! I actually still have mixed feelings about the person from the movie, because that was a toxic "friendship" that I had initiated a break from about a year ago. But it didn't hurt me at all to be nice- even though I'm not wanting to be all buddy buddy as before and get hurt again, I have no call whatsoever to be ugly to her. It was a nice- if distant- visit. But you are right in that the Lord so does show Himself and draw us to Him!!! The old has passed away and He can make a new everything! I pray His blessings to be poured out to you too! You are such a bright beacon of Jesus to me, girl!