Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Music

I know I already featured Christmas music played on piano in last week's MM post, HOWEVER,  this post is dedicated to my top 3 favorite versions of Christmas songs and two of them are performed by The Piano Guys.  Have you seen their brand of awesome???  It is mind-blowing.  (The Piano Guys are actually a Piano Guy and a Cello Guy.  The first one is the cello piece.  Don't get confuzzled!)  Check these out and then follow them on YouTube/Facebook/Social media/whatever.  The third piece is "Christmas Eve in Sarajevo" and has been at the top of my "music to blast whilst I wrap gifts/decorate the house/bake cookies/fight traffic/live the month of December" list since it came out.  Enjoy!  And Happy Christmas Eve!


  1. Jenny - I will have a good listen to these later when I get some time to myself! (busy here with family on Christmas Eve!)

    In the meantime - here's something you might not have come across: - it's a hauntingly beautiful song about WW1, a 'truce' between the opposing forces and a football match that melted the differences between the troops! A bit different - hope you like it!

  2. Thanks, Sue! Happy Christmas Eve to you all! :)