Sunday, December 23, 2012

Best Internet Christmas Present EVER.

I'm still (as always) pining away for SPG and all of their brand of awesome.  I live on the opposite side of the country, so making it to any of their shows between Thanksgiving and next May is not logistically feasible.  A harsh reality, but anyway, there it is.  However, I'm a true blue fan- if a long distance one- and I am always playing their music in a variety of formats whilst going about my daily life.  Their song "Honeybee" on YouTube is about to hit a million views.  (See below). It was put up by David Michael Bennett in February.  I don't know that much about YouTube traffic in general, but it seems to me that a million views in less than a year is pretty amazing!

Anyway, another fan took the song "Honeybee" and flipping turned it into a music box version!  I think my heart just esploded with all the fuzzy, melty, happy feelings.  :)  Happy Christmas to me! (And now you!!!) :) :) :)


(The above-mentioned almost-to-a-million-views-and-they-absolutely-deserve-it-and-more official Honeybee video...)


  1. Hi, I'm visiting through the mention of your blog by Rachel from Go Placidly.

    I think I've heard this song "Honeybee" once before but never paid attention to the group. I like the video with them in costume. Very interesting and the song itself is smooth.

    Have a wonderful New Year of God's blessings. May you find a good job soon. xx

    1. Welcome, Joyful! I can't get enough of them. They promise to have some new music out in 2013, which makes me go all giggly and silly. :) Honeybee is my favorite song, but Electricity Is In My Soul and Brass Goggles are close seconds! :)

      Thanks for the good wishes and may God bless you this New Year too!