Friday, August 19, 2011

Frank Visits The Library

This post is in honor of my dear, dear friend Christina Tomassini, who answered the call to serve her country and is currently deployed in Iraq.  I am so grateful for the time she spent with me and the kids while she was home on leave and I can't wait til she is in the States again safe and sound.  We love you, Christamina!  Stay safe and come home soon! God bless our troops!

It's Frank Friday!

Frank had an adventurous day when our Christamina came home from Iraq and spent some time with us running around town.  We did a lot in one day, but here are a few highlights.  First, here is his trip to the local library:
Browsing the travel books.  Planning your next adventure, Frank?

Hot Air Balloons!  That would be a fantastic adventure!

Frank finally decides to check out "Peter and the Wolf".

Emily, Frank and Charles sit in the garden outside the library to read their books.

After the library, we went to get some lunch at the McDonald's.  As it was her vacation, Christina got to eat anything she wanted! :)  She and I had chicken nuggets with honey mustard.  She tried to get Frank to be a little healthy and have apple juice instead of soda, though.  ;)

The kids took Frank to play in the Playplace for a while, then we headed back home.  Fantastic day!

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  1. And so a fun time was had by all! Godspeed, Christina.