Monday, August 1, 2011

July Gratitudes!

July came and went in a hurry!  It's hard to believe it's already August and the kids are going back to school this week!  Here is what I was thankful for in July:

  • 7.31- Sappy sweet card husband gave me before he left for week long out of town job
  • 7.30- Husband.
  • 7.29- A short wait to get Emily's birth certificate at the Atlanta vital records office
  • 7.28- A fun, full day of errands with my kids- library, post office, mall, groceries! :)
  • 7.27- All of my babies are home safely from their summer vacation trips
  • 7.26- My won copy of Jennifer Hillier's novel "Creep" arrived in the mail!
  • 7.25- Husband home safely after 20 hour work day
  • 7.24- Good friend from high school had her baby girl!!! :)
  • 7.23- Getting tickets to the Love Worth Fighting For Marriage Conference coming Aug 11th
  • 7.22- A passage from a library book that helped put some of my feelings of the last 10 years of my life into words
  • 7.21- Benadryl/Antihistamines for a freak allergy attack
  • 7.20- Finishing a past set of photo edits
  • 7.19- Finishing a sewing job for a client
  • 7.18-My iPod as I went for a run
  • 7.17- Self control
  • 7.16- Movie date with my husband (and the box of tissues I brought, because I ended up needing them!)
  • 7.15- Supplies for new and exciting projects!
  • 7.14- Snuggle time with my husband
  • 7.13- Getting one last hour or so to play at the beach with Emily, before we had to pack up and drive home
  • 7.12- Spending time with good friends and watching the sun set at the beach while Emily played in the sand
  • 7.11- Finally getting to go for a run on the beach!
  • 7.10- Safe trip (and a gas station when the gas light came on!) to Destin Fla.
  • 7.9- Time with Jake
  • 7.8- Getting caught up on the laundry
  • 7.7- A clean van
  • 7.6- Quiet time shopping and getting inspired!
  • 7.5- Jennifer got her cast off!
  • 7.3- I picked up Emily from family's house and she was excited to see me
  • 7.2- My photography client's photo order arrived! :)
  • 7.1- Watching the evening primrose bloom


  1. What an awesome post. This is great reminder to count our blessings.

  2. How nice to do a list of what makes you happy. I love this idea, and am glad to see so many things made you smile in July. :)