Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Heart The Art Of Brittney Lee!!!

"Bookworm" is just one of the many glorious works of art by California artist Brittney Lee (all images in this post are copyrighted by her.)  I adore her work and encourage you to GO THERE and check it out!  Read more below!

Before I post this "Go Here Thursday", this is my disclaimer:
I sent an email almost a month ago begging this artist to give me permission to use her images in a post like this one* so I could shamelessly plug her art and her Etsy shop and how obscenely awesome she is in general.  As yet, I have not received a reply.  There are several possible reasons for this:

1) She doesn't know me from Adam's house cat (trash the email without reading it).

2) Since #1 is in effect, my email isn't in her contacts list, so it went to her spam folder (trash the email without reading it).

3) Maybe she DID read it, but is otherwise so bogged down in all of her awesome paper craftingness, that she

  • a) forgot to reply that "it would be an honor to be featured on The Modest Peacock", 
  • b) forgot to reply that "outside of her own blog and her shows and stuff, she's actually something of a shy hermit and would I please leave her alone", 
  • c) wrote a reminder to herself on a sticky note to reply "how awesome it would be if I featured her on The Modest Peacock", but then a huge gust of wind blew through her studio window and the sticky note blew away and got lost forever, 
  • d) before she could hit the reply button, some horrible power outage or computer virus wiped out her email and she can't reply because she doesn't know my email address!  Oh noes!!! 

Whatever the case, I decided to throw caution to the wind** and feature her anyway.***

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the art of Brittney Lee!  Please GO HERE TO HER BLOG and treat your aesthetical and optical senses to some amazing sights! (After you finish reading the rest of this post, pretty please!) :)

I found her blog while surfing through some other sites, but once I was there, I studied every single image she posted, moving backward until her very first post in 2005.  Here, for all you chronology nuts, here is a link to it, so you can start at the beginning and move forward, if you want to.  I've done paper crafting before, with quilling and paper piecing/die cuts and what not.  But this amazing lady makes even my best attempts at paper art look like a preschooler's!

I've tried to pick only 3 of my favorites of her work.  But I couldn't.  Seriously, I love ALL of her work soooo much and I'd give anything if she actually WOULD answer an email and let me commission one of her mermaid paper cuttings (Like the one above) to hang up in my room once it gets finished.  Maybe once the bead-board is hung up, I'll start stalking her with an email every day send her polite emails every few weeks so she knows it's not spam, and one day get my wish!  I'm even adding it to my "dreams and aspirations" list on my main page right sidebar.  :)

I finally did pick 3 paper cuttings and 3 drawings that I super super super LOVE, to showcase this amazingly talented artist who is more or less living the art dream job that I wanted when I was 14.  (See below.)

Seriously, all you people who knew me way back when and wanted to know "what I wanted to be when I grew up"?  This lady.  Or, rather, drawing and creating the art that she does.  Her style is what I have always wanted to achieve, I just didn't know what to call it.  I love each and every nuance and expression.  Brittney Lee, you have surpassed Glen Keane and Andrew Stanton on my Heroes list.****
You've probably met/know these animation/art giants, so you know that this is high praise indeed!

Dearest readers, after you have been to her blog and have wiped the drool off of your keyboard, please also GO HERE to her ETSY SHOP, where you can purchase prints and notecards of some of her designs.  :)

My personal FAVORITE pieces:
(Paper Cuttings/Sculptures)
Y'all know I'm a Harry Potter fan.  Look at the cutie pie in the middle with his head turned sideways!!!  Squee!

Her blog post about this amazing piece can be found here.
And of course, I had to show off her peacock.  Isn't he just gorgeous!!!

The blog post on this one can be found here

And my 3rd favorite (though I have MANY more!) is this fantastic Dragon.  Smaug from LOTR?  Perhaps, perhaps not.  Either way, he is magnificent!

Blog post for this and other beauties can be found here

(Now for the Drawings!)
I LOVE HER MERMAIDS!  This one is (one of, if I was super forced to pick, but really I love them all!) my favorite:

The post for this beauty can be found here

And you all know how I've longed to see Paris...

Blog post for this magical drawing can be found here

And since I'm going to see Wicked next month, who can resist her quick study of the Green Girl, Elphaba?  I love it! :)

Blog post for this Ozian inspired art can be found here

There are so many, many more (did I mention that already?) that I love!  I hope I get to meet Brittney Lee someday.  Rock on, girl!  From your #1 stalker fan! :)  More blog posts!  More Etsy shop!  More, more, more! :)

*Or, you know, maybe... actually THIS one.
**Because I'm lame and have been busy and didn't have anything else lined up that I was half as interested in.
***I'm already rather poor and I gave proper copyright citing; please don't sue me.
****Quick top 10: #1: Jesus, #2: My Dad, #3: My husband, #4: My sister-in-law, Heather, #5: Sheila Richards, #6: Brittney Lee, #7: Kristin Chenoweth, #8: Mary Lou Ross, #9: Andrew Stanton, #10: Glen Keane


  1. Jenny: Her counter is over 700,000 hits! She's probably WAY behind on answering her mail! LOL! Bet you could do a great imitation for your room, yourself!

  2. LOL Jamie! Yeah, I'm pretty sure nothing short of a certified letter that I fly out to her front door and hand deliver will get that commission done! :D But maybe it will happen someday! Dreams come true! :)

    As for me doing one myself, this is one of those rare moments, artist to artists, that I wouldn't dare to mimic her work. I'll wait for the real deal! :)

  3. * sorry, typo. That should read "artist to artist".