Monday, August 29, 2011

How Is Your Ship Doing?

Yesterday was a needed and welcome time of refuge and peace in the midst of some difficult circumstances that I have been trying to process.  We've been visiting a church just down the road that I feel the Lord is calling us to become involved in, and this is helping me navigate these uncertain times in ways I can't even express.  The people have been kind, accepting, and generally offering any and every manner of help and direction to get us acclimated.

Attending this new church helps, but it doesn't take away ALL the troubled times.  There are yet some valleys that will need to be walked through, and difficult choices that will need to be made, and even the positive decisions and changes that are coming in this season of my life are a little scary, but I know they must happen in order for me to live up to the fullest potential that God has created me for.

You know by now how I'm in love with the sea.  Yet, for all that it is beautiful and peaceful sometimes, a storm can transform the ocean into a dangerous and deadly force.  Isn't life like that?  There are some parts of it that are full of sunshine, squishy sand and relaxation, but other times life throws us around like a ship about to wreck.  The painful times come, and we feel as though we are soaking wet, being heaved up and down on mile high waves- nearly to the point of drowning- and that our ship is coming apart in splinters.

But it isn't!  If your ship (your soul and your faith) is anchored in and with the Lord Jesus, guess what??  The anchor HOLDS!  It's not going anywhere, and even though you might have to ride out the rough times, all will not be lost!  The ship is safe!

Sunday morning, even as I sat in Worship service in a landlocked town that hasn't seen rain for at least a week, I felt like this one was picked out and sung especially for me.  It was a male solo in Sunday's service, but as I was looking around YouTube for the song, I found this wonderful version.  Enjoy, and be uplifted and encouraged!

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  1. Quote:
    "A Ship is safe in harbor but thats not what they are made for"
    -John Shedd

    Sail on!