Saturday, June 4, 2011

May's Gratitudes!

After stealing borrowing politely asking permission to imitate stealing the idea of a daily "Things I'm Grateful For" list from Su over at Cheekyness, I decided to let the list show for 2 weeks at a time in the side bar, and then archive the month's worth (at the start of the next month) in a post.

It helps me to see how much chocolate I really consume  all the little things that make my day better. :)

Here is May's list, beginning at the end of the month and going backwards.  Unless you would rather see it in forward chronological order, in which case, please leave a comment indicating something to that effect.


(PS- I apologize in advance, but I'm going to be posting a ton of posts next week to catch up on all the stuff going on here.  I'll be back to a regular 4 day/wk schedule soon!)

  • 5.31- Leftover Chili's tortilla chips
  • 5.30- Husband's extended family
  • 5.29- Self control. And a calm husband.
  • 5.28- Pirates!
  • 5.27- Last Day of School for Kids!
  • 5.26- iTunes drowns out "Barbie" movie being played in other room for the millionth time
  • 5.25- McD's caramel sundae
  • 5.24- My baby boy turns 6 today!
  • 5.23- The supportive text message I got at 3:30 today.
  • 5.22- An awesome Sunday School class at the church we visited this morning
  • 5.21- My Bible
  • 5.20- Cooperative weather for a photo shoot
  • 5.19- Nyquil liquigels
  • 5.18- My sister in law came over today!
  • 5.17- Easy to read patterns
  • 5.16- Angel food cake
  • 5.15- Sharing new favorite praise song on radio with husband (How He Loves, David Crowder Band)
  • 5.14- Husband home safe from a work trip
  • 5.13- Finding the fabric I needed at another Joann's store, to finish this dress!
  • 5.12- Quiet time (even if it is only picking up milk at the store)
  • 5.11- Grace and understanding from others
  • 5.10- Watching my sewing project transform from shapeless mass of fabric to a wearable garment
  • 5.9- Sunshine
  • 5.8- My 4 beautiful children
  • 5.7- Fresh groceries
  • 5.6- Music to play while I work
  • 5.5- Lemon and basil scented body wash
  • 5.4- New blog friends who share their ideas


  1. Heh. Mine has made me aware of just how much I love food, too. Especially chocolate. :)

  2. those are great!
    my sons birthday was the 4th too!