Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pining for the Seaside

After last nights storms, I wish more than ever that I lived by the ocean so that this morning I could go see what washed up on the shore.  I need the beach.  No, not "a place to get away from it all".  I NEED to eventually make my home there.  I am physically better when I have spent a few days breathing the sea air.  When I come back, I feel my sinuses closing up again about the time we get to Macon.  When I visited Marilyn in Destin, FL, I found myself gulping great quantities of air, as though I could somehow store it in my lungs to live off of when I get back home. :(

So for today's "Go Here Thursday", I give you:

Jekyll Island is situated just below St. Simons Island (whose praises you have heard me sing before, and will hear again.)  From Brunswick, you simply take Glynn Ave. south until you cross over to the island and Jekyll Island Road.

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Jekyll is best seen by bicycle tour.  It has a million and one things to do, all on the one tiny island, but my two favorite places are The GA Sea Turtle Center and Jekyll Books at The Old Infirmary.

Sea turtles are my favorite ocean animal.  The Sea Turtle Center helps rehabilitate injured or ill turtles and releases them back into the wild.  It is an AMAZING place.  I told my Gran about it, and she said she would like to see it, so there may be a trip to Jekyll in my summer plans soon, after all. :)
The admission is only $6 for adults, and the proceeds go right back into the center to help with the operational costs.  I can't wait to go back!  Here are a couple of sneak peeks:

Jekyll books has absolutely everything in the way of books, magazines, gifts, and beach decor.  It's fantastic.  I need at least 2 hours to browse through everything in its 14 themed rooms when I visit!  There is even a pirate themed room!

I'm ready to go pack my beach bag now.  Towel, sunscreen, swimsuit, blanket, lounge chair and a purchase from Jekyll Books before I find my spot in the sand and I'll be all set! :)


  1. Whiles definitely agree with the sentiment I would have to say that the beach is pretty low on my list of places. I need the mountains the way you need the sea.

  2. A friend I was talking to one time said "But if that's where you love to go, if you move there, where will you go to get away? If you live there you'll get tired of it." I replied that I would go on vacation to the mountains! I'll never get tired of the seaside. Sand and stickiness bothers a lot of people after a time, but that's what those little rinse-off stations build on the side of the house are for! It doesn't bother me. lol

  3. Ahhhhh I absolutely LOVE Jekyll Island! It's one of my favorite places! I was down there a few years ago, and adored every bit of it. They also have amazing pecan pie :D The bookstore was one of my favorite places on the island too, but I missed the Sea Turtle Center. If (no, when!) I manage to make it back down there, I'll have to check it out. Did you do any historic house tours? There are some pretty awesome/prominent residences from around the turn of the century that are great to look around. House tours are always one of my favorite attractions, though, wherever I end up!
    Now you have made me pine for the South--I love any place in VA/SC/GA like you love the ocean! Charleston and Savannah are other favorite places... yet here I am, stuck in Michigan o_O

  4. that is an awesome place to visit, been there only once. great pics too, thx for sharing!

  5. Miss Tarleton- I haven't actually been on any home tours. I went with my husband and we spent most of our time simply walking the beach or playing mini golf or at the GASTC. I'll have to look into that for another trip!

    Tara- Admittedly, the pics came from travel sites. :) I have a ton of photos from various trips, but they are all on a CD somewhere and I haven't organized them yet. lol