Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Birthday Week Fun

Painting by Jean Raoux
I'd already planned on finding something for today's Poetry Wednesday from the "Best of Ogden Nash" book that I picked up from the library.

Imagine my amusement when, on page 47, I found this lovely little verse:


Unwillingly Miranda wakes,
Feels the sun with terror,
One unwilling step she takes,
Shuddering to the mirror.

Miranda in Miranda's sight
Is old and gray and dirty;
Twenty-nine she was last night;
This morning she is thirty.

Shining like the morning star
Like the twilight shining,
Haunted by a calendar,
Miranda sits a-pining.

Silly girl, silver girl,
Draw the mirror toward you;
Time who made the years to whirl
Adorned as he adored you.

Time is timelessness for you;
Calendars for the human;
What's a year, or thirty, to
Loveliness made woman?

Oh, Night will not see thirty again,
Yet soft her wing, Miranda;
Pick up your glass and tell me, then-
How old is Spring, Miranda?

1 comment:

  1. What a nice poem! It's amazing how old 30 can seem, until you're way past it and looking back!
    I will try to answer your question about the strike through. Click on "design". Then, go to your Project 52 list and click "edit". (Also, it's good to know what number you want to cross out ahead of time--it's easier to locate that way.) If your list is all nice and readable, up on the top right hand side, click the "html" button. And, it should look like mumbo jumbo. scroll down to the one you want to strike through. (Apparently, I can't type the actual form - it's not letting me leave a comment. So,) Start with the first word and type < then the word "strike". Go to the last word and type > then / then strike then >

    I hope that helps!!